4 year old wants to learn to knit/sew

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Withgraceinmyheart Tue 20-Nov-18 22:50:15

Thanks for the ideas everyone. Binca was the thing i was thinking of but didnt know the name of! found a few nice kits too smile

I'm really excited to sit and knit with her, i used to knit with my grandma when i was little.

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AdaColeman Mon 19-Nov-18 14:17:54

I just noticed that The Book People have got kits for simple felt tree decorations that look like fun for a four year old. If all else fails you could always use glue so that DD had something that she'd made to hang up.
They are £3:99. They also have larger kits for toys but they look a bit complicated for a four year old.

Sammy867 Sun 18-Nov-18 21:56:00

I have to add we spent summer after summer just “knitting” basic scarves for our dolls in various colours and we still found that so much fun so it doesn’t have to be complicated

EvaHarknessRose Sun 18-Nov-18 21:55:58

what about one of those kits where you get a large plastic needle and felt with pre made holes (i remember dd made some ‘frog’ slippers that were great.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Sun 18-Nov-18 21:55:28

Y to binca canvas and coloured thread and Knitting Nancy.

Sammy867 Sun 18-Nov-18 21:55:04

I started knitting with my gran around 5. We used super chunky wool and extra large needles; 12mm-15mm depending on how old we were. She used to cast on and help us as we went, reversing for us when we dropped stitches. I still remember her teaching it to all the grandkids in the summer holidays when she minded us all. I have fond memories of learning as do my sisters and cousins. We all still enjoy doing it now and the skill has stayed with me and sisters; we made our baby’s blankets and cardigans for example. It depends if she’s a young 4 or a more mature 4 but it won’t hurt to teach her.

stripeszebra Sun 18-Nov-18 21:54:43

There were some very easy to sew christmas decoration kits (£1) in the Range today, you could give one a try and take it from there as to what to progress to? There are big hole punched cross stich kits on Baker Ross website


TheCountessofFitzdotterel Sun 18-Nov-18 21:54:11

Sewing kits with plastic needles and prepunched holes. They're cheap and foolproof.
I can't imagine much else being suitable at that age. I doubt you can teach a 4 year old to knit (awaits lots mners popping up with knitting 4yos!)
Those mini sewing machines are good but I think still too much for someone that young. I know a 7 year old who has made actual clothes but there's a big gap between 4 and 7!

TheWoollybacksWife Sun 18-Nov-18 21:51:41

I learned to crochet in Reception class 40+ years ago and then learned to knit a year or so later. My mum bought me the Ladybird books. I also had a French knitting doll.

Seeline Sun 18-Nov-18 21:51:40

For sewing I would get some binca canvas and some different coloured thread. It will help her with basic running and cross stitches.

FoxBoxRox Sun 18-Nov-18 21:49:58

A knitting loom?

FoxBoxRox Sun 18-Nov-18 21:49:07

They do mini sewing machines.

DD had one and now has progressed to an adult one at 9. She loves to sew.

Withgraceinmyheart Sun 18-Nov-18 21:46:40

My nearly 4 year old has asked for sewing and knitting things for her birthday/Christmas. Everything I look at seems to be aimed at older ones though.

Anyone got ideas of things that would be suitable? She's really keen, I don't want her to put off by something thats much too difficult for her.


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