Hobbycraft Wrap It Up knitting pattern

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KnockMeDown Sun 14-Oct-18 10:29:00

Has anyone the Hobbycraft Wrap It Up scarf, it's the zig zag pattern one? I'm about to start it, but I'm not sure about the pattern included, specifically that it says to knit the second row, not purl. Please could someone more knowledgeable than me have a look at the pattern and advise?

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KnockMeDown Sun 14-Oct-18 10:30:24

Pattern here.
Thank you!

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WhenDoISleep Wed 17-Oct-18 12:46:04

Do you have a picture of the finished scarf?

prettybird Wed 17-Oct-18 12:51:15

It looks like a feather and fan type pattern. Knitting every row is correct, with doing the "fancy" bits to create the pattern every second row.

minniemoll Wed 17-Oct-18 13:02:07

You could purl the even rows, but the finished scarf will likely curl up into a tube if you do. Ask me how I know.....!

KnockMeDown Wed 17-Oct-18 19:44:31

Ha ha, Minnie yes I have made a scarf like that, luckily it was for DD, 8, who didn't mind. And in fact it was the first knitting project I have ever completed!

Re this one, yes it is a kind of feather and fan pattern. The only picture I have is really small.

I did start knitting it, and decided to purl the non tricky bit rows. However, I came a bit of a cropper with my yarn overs, as the holes they were causing were too large. So I decided to unravel and start again before I got to far. I also realised that my casting on was far too tight for the design, so I need to find a better method. Can you tell I'm new to this?

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ClinkyMonkey Wed 17-Oct-18 22:22:49

Have a look online at the thumb method of casting on. It produces a looser edge. It's a bit tricky to get the hang of at first but you soon find yourself getting into the rhythm of it. Don't worry if it looks a little untidy - it neatens up after a row or two of knitting.

Good luck with your scarf!

KnockMeDown Thu 18-Oct-18 06:46:16

Thank you Clinky! The thumb method you mention seems very similar to the long tail method, which I am trying now, so hopefully that will give me a better start.

I will need the good luck, I am planning to give this scarf to my Mum for Christmas!

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prettybird Thu 18-Oct-18 09:31:54

If you don't get on with the thumb/long tail cast on (I never could, but maybe I didn't persevere long enough angry), the other thing you could try, if you're used to the two needle cast-on, is to do the cast-on using bigger needles (eg 5mm rather than 4mm) than you will use for knitting the scarf, and then revert to the 4mm needles for the next row.

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