Sewing machine, bells & whistles but short on basics

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Lily6562 Mon 24-Sep-18 11:05:40

Ive been never trying to find a sewing machine with certain characteristics. Drop in bobbin, tick, 2 stage speed control, tick, (loads of unnecessary bells & whistles) - but automatic tension control, dream on.
Because tension problems are, I know from experience, a common fault. But some machines seem to promise it in the blurb but then it turns out to be manual. One even said, ‘auto’ tension control. Why the apostrophes?
And I find one, but it hasn’t got the other requirements. Am I expecting too much? Hundreds of machines on the market, too many gimmicks & no real choice. (Ok,I exaggerate slightly).
It’s not a question of price: I’ve looked high & ive looked low
Last grumble: a lot of them list as special features things you’d find on granny’s old Singer or any basic model.

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Pfaffingly Tue 25-Sep-18 06:25:25

I don’t know, perhaps like all things there may have to be some compromise? Have you gone into a shop and tried some out to see how they feel? Luckily we have a really good shop near to us, I generally go in with a list and come out with all of it ticked and if not I come out happy anyway. Tension setting is not that big of a deal to get right on a good machine, I’ve got a couple of good machines and it never been an issue, the only time I’ve had to faff about is on more tricky fabric, but with your budget even those fabrics should be relatively easy. (Sorry for the long paragraph, for some reason the ‘return carriage’ button on my iPad has stopped working!).

OliviaBenson Tue 25-Sep-18 07:32:27

I would echo advice to go to a sewing machine shop and try them all out and get a feel for the machine. Tension isn't too bad to do though once you figure it out.

Lily6562 Tue 25-Sep-18 10:24:39

Thank you both for your kind replies.
It’s quite a while since I did any machine sewing but I wanted to get back to it.
I can’t get about very well so generally have to shop online. I think I’d got a bit frustrated searching online because you have to rely on often inadequate descriptions. Then I tried to consult advice sites & couldnt find one that was both gave proper comparisons & was impartial. So I got mad!
I realise I was probably asking for the next-to impossible & will choose the one nearest to my criteria. Concerning tension problems, I have to admit that perhaps in the past I tended to use the same needle/thread for all purposes. At least my reading around has reminded me that’s not the best idea. Thank you again.

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Pfaffingly Tue 25-Sep-18 13:10:53

...another idea, I totally do not work for them, but, my latest machine I bought by calling up my local shop (my kids were ill one child after the other). On the phone they pretty much told me which machine I should buy, I did whip in very quickly to try it out and to check out that there were none others better (there weren't). They sell online as well, let me know if you would like me to PM you their details, that way you can have the best of both worlds, some advice from a sewer and not need to go far.

Lily6562 Tue 25-Sep-18 13:28:12

That sounds like an idea. Thank you so much. I’ll message you.

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Lily6562 Tue 25-Sep-18 15:45:23

I’ve looked at your first suggestion & it seems to have precisely the features I want! And I can get it online. 😀you are sew good.

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Pfaffingly Tue 25-Sep-18 16:05:51

Har ha! Thank you, if you choose it I hope you enjoy it!

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