DK Crochet gifts?

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HairyHoundofBudapest Thu 30-Aug-18 09:25:39

I need inspiration!

I am time and cash poor, and have about 10 gifts for Aunties/Grandparents/Brownie leaders to give a gift for Christmas.

I have an abundance of Stylecraft Special DK in a range of complementary colours and a few skeins of baby chunky which don't go with each other.

Any ideas of quick crochet gifts with this lot?

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HairyHoundofBudapest Thu 30-Aug-18 09:26:20

Just found this too!

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Ilovewheelychairs Thu 30-Aug-18 09:42:44

My friend crochets little animal shaped Christmas tree decs? Easily done in one colour with black for eyes etc? Will see if I can find a pic!

Ilovewheelychairs Thu 30-Aug-18 09:46:01

These aren't animals but are nice and one/two colours each.

HairyHoundofBudapest Thu 30-Aug-18 15:30:28

Oh I love those!! Thanks smile

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HairyHoundofBudapest Thu 30-Aug-18 18:41:13

Is there a pre Christmas craft thread anywhere? I know poncetastic doesn't start for aaaages envy

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HairyHoundofBudapest Thu 30-Aug-18 20:59:40

I'm going to do this too, looks very quick.

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