I'd like to learn embroidery

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Badumdumdum Mon 27-Aug-18 21:17:20

Specifically I'd like to do a family tree for me, my OH and the 2 kids. I've searched for kits but they all seem to be for cross stitch.
Does anyone know a supplier that sells these kits? Would it be too complex a project for a beginner?

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BumbleBerries Mon 27-Aug-18 23:19:40

You might find it easier to search if you know what sort of embroidery you want to do, although I appreciate you might not know.

is this the sort of thing your looking for? It's only a pattern but it should be easy enough to get the bits especially as it's only one colour.

Cross stitch is easiest for a beginner because you don't have to worry about making stitches a uniform size. But no reason why you can't start with embroidery and I think it looks nicer. If you start with something with only a few stitch types you should be okay.

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