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Talk to me about felting!

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WombatStewForTea Fri 27-Jul-18 20:17:45

I'm thinking of taking up felting as a new hobby. What do I need to know? Buy? I keep seeing things about moulds but I had a friend a few years back who was amazing and I'm sure moulds weren't used

TheGirlOnTheLanding Sun 29-Jul-18 08:47:10

Wet felting or needle felting?

Belle89 Tue 07-Aug-18 07:03:41

I've tried wet felting, will find a pic of what I made if I can. Just ordered a basic kit from Amazon and a pattern to try needle felting.
The wet felting I went to a local group, I wouldn't of mastered it on my own.
Needle felting I have found tutorials on YouTube etc. It looks a little easier but time will tell.

StripesandWings Tue 07-Aug-18 21:43:49

Needle felting is dead easy.

You could start by buying yourself a simple kit to get the idea and some basic and cheap equipment (Kirstie Alsop had some) but you can definitely do it with wool, a bit of upholstory foam, a needle and a you tube video! E.g. (I chose that at random, there are thousands!)

You can use a mould to start with or just a ball of wool (if you want to make something roughly round!)

Or use a cookie cutter:

Amazon and Etsy do generic starter kits too with a range of different colours and a few needles

You will inevitably stab your finger with a needle at some point! It hurts!

UnapologeticallyUnhinged Sat 11-Aug-18 16:43:21

Agreed. I just bought a basic set of needles and some fibre off eBay (less than a fiver all in) and watched a load of YouTube videos. Used a washing up sponge and a small cushion wrapped in thick fabric until I knew I liked it. Now I have all the kit and a big upholstery pad as I absolutely LOVE it! It's so therapeutic and you don't need to fork out a lot to start. I've been making garlands of all different colour and shaped pumpkins for Autumn.

UnapologeticallyUnhinged Sat 11-Aug-18 16:49:19

Here a pic...includes some crochet but don't hold that against me!

FairyLightFiend Sat 11-Aug-18 16:52:21

UnapologeticallyUnhinged That’s amazing! You’re so talented! I’d never have the patience for something like that!

UnapologeticallyUnhinged Sat 11-Aug-18 18:22:25

@FairyLightFiend it's easy! You just make a flat round blob and a needle and threat does the shaping!

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