Knitying pattern help please

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Fleuried Tue 17-Jul-18 21:00:54

My knitting pattern says:
yo [sl1, k2tog, psso] yo

So do I do
1. the bit in the brackets as one stitch ie bring the slip stitch over the k2tog stitch
2. do I slip 1, k2tog and then the psso as a seperate, third stitch?

Thank you!

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HardAsSnails Tue 17-Jul-18 21:07:47

Do exactly what it says. Slip one stitch, then knit 2 together, then pass your slipped stitch over your K2tog.

Fleuried Tue 17-Jul-18 21:10:35

Thank you

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bluedomino Tue 17-Jul-18 21:22:05

It's a way to decrease stitches. I love your invented new word of "knitying" and want to use it in RL asap!

Verbena87 Tue 17-Jul-18 21:23:55

Yep, it’s the slipped stitch you’re passing over. Hope it’s looking gorgeous!

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