Pom Pom tips?

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egdehsdrawkcab Sun 13-May-18 22:35:55

I'm just having a first stab at making a Pom Pom garland for DD. Living making the poms and have bought a 'maker' which is great, but how should I thread them, and on what? How many poms for a decent decorative garland.

Most importantly- which wool is best? I want something soft but full and springy! Thanks everyone!

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SusieFlo Mon 14-May-18 13:30:48

Personally I would thread the pom-poms onto a length of chunky yarn, by pulling a yarn needle through the centre of each pom-pom. I'd play it by ear as regards quantity and spacing - just go with whatever looks good.

I am not sure it matters very much what yarn you use as long as you are generous with it when winding, to get a nice plump pom-pom. I once made a ton of pom-poms for a school craft project using Poundland acrylic, and they actually turned out very soft, plump and springy. I just needed to be generous with quantity. I don't like to see meagre pom-poms with gaps between the floof. I also find that you get a plumper look after you trim them a bit.

SoupDragon Thu 17-May-18 09:05:54

Do you want dangly pom-poms or pom-poms on a long string? Susie’s method would give you pom-poms on a string, if you wanted dangly ones you could use the yarn you tied round the middle to attach them to something (ribbon maybe?)

Style craft special makes nice enough pom-poms and comes in loads of colours.

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