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Intermediate crotchet

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Dietcokebreak1 Sun 13-May-18 21:53:02

Hi I'm looking for book recommendations.

I've done an absolute beginners book. I've done baby hats, both from squares and round. Blanket and basic granny square. I've learnt all I can from the book I have.

I would like a book with intermediate projects but I would still like it to give instructions, so not just a book of patterns.

Can anyone recommend anything.

Jimwenttothedarklands Sun 13-May-18 21:57:27

Attic24 does lots of pictures. She's kniwn for blankets but also does other things.

SoupDragon Thu 17-May-18 09:07:43

TBH, I would head off to Ravelry and dive into the rabbit hole that is their pattern database.

SoupDragon Thu 17-May-18 09:07:58

What sort of things would you like to make?

Melanippe Thu 17-May-18 10:18:44

Another vote for the joys of Ravelry.

There's also lots of people about on the forums there who might be able to point you in the right direction.

soloula Sat 19-May-18 14:14:44

Another vote for ravelry. YouTube is a great resource too, either for learning newer, more complicated stitches that you come across in patterns on ravelry or for full patterns that you can crochet along with.

ScaredPAD Sat 19-May-18 14:17:27

I love attic 24

TheGherkin Sat 19-May-18 14:20:15

What about a crochet Along? (Cal). There’s usually a Facebook group with lots of help.
I’m doing the style craft Cosmic one at the mo. It’s fiddly but there’s video tutorials for every bit.

Dietcokebreak1 Sun 20-May-18 11:34:33

YouTube videos have been really helpful with learning.

I'll check out Ravelry.

I'd like to be able to baby clothes.

SoupDragon Sun 20-May-18 11:50:05

I often prefer a resource like Ravelry to a book as you only get things you want rather than a few patterns you love, some you are “meh” about and a few you hate.

DreamingofSunshine Wed 23-May-18 06:45:32

Depending on your taste, WH Smith sell a special magbook by Mollie Makes for crochet.

The Bella Coco crochet Facebook group is good inspiration for new patterns too.

MollyHuaCha Wed 23-May-18 07:08:32

How about a couple of magazines (from supermarket or newsagent which stocks a wide range). Simply Crochet is a nice one.

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