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Border for solid granny square blanket

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OnTopOfSpaghetti Fri 30-Mar-18 23:19:03

Can anyone help me find a simple border to add to my solid granny square blanket? I am currently joining all the squares and have searched the internet in vain for a simple pattern to follow once I'm ready to add the border, but can't find anything suitable. I'll pop back tomorrow and add some pics of my progress so far.
Thanks in advance.

diamantegal Fri 30-Mar-18 23:45:51

Have you tried the Attic 24 website? There are a few different crochet borders on there which might work.

OnTopOfSpaghetti Sat 31-Mar-18 08:12:19

Thank you. I have had a look on the Attic24 website. My problem is that I have the wavy edges where the corners of each square meets. So I need a way to stitch the border which works with that. Will attach a pic, I am joining horizontally first so it looks a bit lumpy!

Mogleflop Sat 31-Mar-18 08:24:32

I love the rainbow effect.

Could you just knit four long rectangular bits of white and then stitch them to the sides/together? Can you tell I don't know anything about knitting?

Wh0KnowsWhereTheT1meG0es Sat 31-Mar-18 08:24:39

I try and even out the lumpy edges by taking the ends of the joins slightly round the corners of the squares, it makes them slightly squarer IYSWIM. Then for the border itself I would start with a row of trebles, one for each stitch, but where you have a dip, use a double treble or two to even things out. After that I usually just use a second row of DC - I like plain borders.

Sakurasnail Sat 31-Mar-18 08:28:58

It's very pretty smile. I'd also concentrate on leveling off the joins first so you have a straight line to work along. As wh0 said. Much quicker in the long run.

ChipInTheSugar Sat 31-Mar-18 08:30:01

I think I did the join-as-you-go method on a similar blanket. If you screenshot my pic and zoom in you can see how it looks.

Wh0KnowsWhereTheT1meG0es Sat 31-Mar-18 08:40:35

It's gorgeous colours BTW, what yarn is it?

HardAsSnails Sat 31-Mar-18 08:41:02

I would probably use the joining colour, go up 2 hook sizes and do a row of dc stitches around, with one stitch in each stitch and one in each corner of each little square and 2dc, 2ch, 2dc, at the blanket corners. Then maybe a simple dc/picot edge to finish. Then block.

dudsville Sat 31-Mar-18 08:53:39

Chip that's beautiful. I don't know how to knit but u wish I could make something like that. I don't know anyone that knits. Do you think this is a skill that I could learn online?

dudsville Sat 31-Mar-18 08:54:01

Oops apologies for the derail.

OnTopOfSpaghetti Sat 31-Mar-18 09:09:15

Thank you so much for all the replies.
@dudsville it is crochet I am a beginner, I taught myself with online tutorials and a lot of practice! I am still learning, hence my post.
@Wh0KnowsWhereTheT1meG0es I bought a rainbow pack of Stylecraft Special Double Knit from Deramores. It is for my mum's 70th (on 22nd April, eek! Better get on with it!) she loves bright rainbow colours.
@HardAsSnails that sounds achievable thank you. Please could you explain the blocking process to me, I probably should have blocked each square? Can I block the whole thing in sections? Can you tell I am a novice?grin

OnTopOfSpaghetti Sat 31-Mar-18 09:09:59

@ChipInTheSugar beautiful blanket. Thanks for posting I will study it!

HardAsSnails Sat 31-Mar-18 09:38:53

I don't really properly block. With Stylecraft Special blankets, once finished I wash using softener (it helps reduce any squeakyness/static) and hang over my bannister pulling it to shape and turning it every now and then as it dries. For slightly small things I spread them across large towels on the floor and pin to shape.

HardAsSnails Sat 31-Mar-18 09:39:59

You don't need to block as you go, the weight of the finished blanket should help pull it all into shape.

OnTopOfSpaghetti Sat 31-Mar-18 09:52:56

Thank you very muchsmile

Wh0KnowsWhereTheT1meG0es Sat 31-Mar-18 09:59:22

I don't block SSDK, just wash and tumble dry the finished blanket. I never use fabric conditioner as we don't use it generally.

HardAsSnails Sat 31-Mar-18 10:37:54

I'm prone to static shocks so if I don't use softener I get zapped every time I touch the blankets!

ChipInTheSugar Sat 31-Mar-18 12:38:32

Mine was the Attic24 Harmony blanket, but different colours. I'm sure she had the join as you go method/tutorial on the blanket tutorial.

ItsASairFecht Sat 31-Mar-18 12:42:54

I always use the Attic 24 edging as It's very easy and looks nice..I would still try it if I was you. Lovely blanket.

OnTopOfSpaghetti Sat 31-Mar-18 17:15:05

@ItsASairFecht is there a particular Attic24 border you would recommend? Thanks,

Fiveorangeflowers Sat 31-Mar-18 17:20:24

Attic24 spot on edging is lovely and easy to do.

ItsASairFecht Sat 31-Mar-18 17:35:09

I like the edging shown in the "granny stripe tah dah" post. It's very easy and just finishes nicely.

MsHomeSlice Sat 31-Mar-18 17:38:25

I tend to even up the sides with a row or two of double crochet, sometimes changing your hook size up or down can even out tightness or waviness. Or even do a couple of regular decreases if it is getting a bit billowy.

so, a couple of rows of DC, then a row of (1 treble 1 chain, miss one DC) which gives you an open weave, and then back to the DC (one in each treble and into each gap) one or two rows of that to firm it up and a final row of reverse it also called crab stitch? This is basically DC but worked L to R, it gives a nice slightly rolled rope type effect

If you want to work with the ripply waves then there's these ruffle tips/tutorials on Craftsy.

OnTopOfSpaghetti Sat 31-Mar-18 17:40:18

Oh lots more tips thank yousmile I shall look at all your suggestions. Never thought a blooming blanket could become such a labour of love! Determined to get it finished though...

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