Knitting Help?

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Newwoman2017 Sat 03-Mar-18 21:38:17

Hi can anyone help with a knitting pattern I have?

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TheWoollybacksWife Sat 03-Mar-18 21:39:40

What's your problem? I'll have a go at helping if I can.

Fakeplasticcheese Sat 03-Mar-18 21:40:43

Happy to help if I can...

Newwoman2017 Sat 03-Mar-18 21:43:52

Thank you very much smile I've made a cardigan and i have to join the raglan seams which I have done. The next part is the hood. It say the following.

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Newwoman2017 Sat 03-Mar-18 21:44:43

Where do I cast the stitches on?

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TheWoollybacksWife Sat 03-Mar-18 21:46:27

I can only see part of the pattern. Are there any instructions about picking up stitches from the neckline?

Onedaylikethi5 Sat 03-Mar-18 21:48:25

What's the next bit of the pattern? After the photo you have already shared. Is it a Sirdar one?

LokisLover Sat 03-Mar-18 21:53:00

Might be that you make the hood as a separate piece and then sew it on to the cardigan after.

Tends to be a square where two ends are sewn together to make the pointy part of the hood then the long end is seen on to the body of the cardigan.

CotswoldStrife Sat 03-Mar-18 21:57:47

Cast on means cast on I think, like you do when you start a garment. If it wanted you to pick up stitches across the garment it would say pick up x number of stitches evenly across whichever bit.

So cast on two stitches, row one has one increase in it to make 3 stitches. Row 2 is purl those three stitches.

Newwoman2017 Sat 03-Mar-18 22:00:10

The next big is here. It goes on to day pick up stitches from sleeve and back. I just can't see where my starting point is tho.

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TheWoollybacksWife Sat 03-Mar-18 22:03:40

It looks like you cast on like you did at the start of the garment and follow the pattern - increasing as you go on.

Onedaylikethi5 Sat 03-Mar-18 22:10:02

Yep, it's just a separate piece by the looks of it. Knit away!

Newwoman2017 Sat 03-Mar-18 22:12:17

Phew Thanks . I've been knitting this for almost 2 years on and off my daughter will be grown out of it if i don't finish it soon!

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