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Can you recomend a good sewing forum please?

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thecatstrousers Thu 15-Feb-18 09:51:20

I occasionally go to The Sewing Place (link if you're interested) but it doesn't get masses of traffic but the advice is sound. It replaced another really good forum that closed (I can't remember it's name), sadly taking a plethora of useful information with it!

Are there any others...UK based or otherwise?

ElanorGamgee Fri 16-Feb-18 10:26:56

I don’t think there is one. The sewing place is full of the same posters from the old one that no longer exists (I can’t remember the name of it either).

I was a member of the old one, found it a bit odd to be honest, but I think these things are probably all the same (bit like the CTC forum where you can find useful advice but I often think that the folk on there should get out on their bike more).

I haven’t had time for much sewing for the last year or so but I think this section of this forum is one of the best here - lots of nice posters willing to help. It used to be great a few years ago when it was busier.

thecatstrousers Fri 16-Feb-18 13:22:38

I'll post on here then and see what comes up, thanks. I think perhaps a lot of people use Instagram instead for sewing.

There was an 'anyone sew?' type thread on S&B and it was pages long, so the MN sewers are out there!

CanIBuffalo Sat 17-Feb-18 23:27:00

I was wondering the same thing.
I've tried to start sewing my own clothes again but I'm having no luck finding patterns that actually fit and I'm starting to lose heart.

ElanorGamgee Sun 18-Feb-18 08:35:08

What sort of things are you sewing Cani?

Pattern sizes are based on the old British standard unlike vanity sizing we see in the shops. Are you measuring yourself accurately and using those measurements for the pattern size.

I think that fit can be very difficult to get right in the beginning. I would stick to something simple that you can make well. Like a simple zipped skirt.

Very easy to make your own skirt pattern that gives you a perfect fit this is an example. I never buy skirts, ever, my pattern is perfect for my body and I can’t buy anything that fits as well.

incywincybitofa Mon 19-Feb-18 00:26:24

The Sewing Place replaced the The Sewing Forum which I agree could be helpful but was odd
When considering patterns I usually look at reviews at there are forums on there but it all seems very complicated about where to post.
Lots of the indy pattern companies now have good tutes for tricky parts of dressmaking and you tube is often good.

fortifiedwithtea Mon 19-Feb-18 22:25:06

Stitcher's Guild Reloaded

AllTheYummyFood Mon 19-Feb-18 22:31:04

The Foldline has a forum, and is absolutely brilliant for pattern hunting and reviews.

The forums can be a little slow, but they have just launched a Facebook group which is looking very busy.

Pumpkinisland89 Mon 19-Feb-18 22:35:30


crockydoodle Tue 20-Feb-18 16:20:36

I never knew the sewing place existed. I was a member of the sewing forum and I recognise a few of the names. I'm into quilting and most of them seem to have some very old fashioned tastes. I spend most time on instagram and a Facebook group for my specific sewing machine.

BlueTablecloth Thu 22-Feb-18 14:04:30

pattern review? it's mostly american and i find i have nothing in common with most of them but they do know their stuff

GetMeOut Thu 22-Feb-18 14:10:22

I find Instagram very useful. If I am thinking of making a pattern then I will search by the pattern name # and enjoy looking at the different makes and interpretations and read people’s comments.
I have found quite a few blogs as well from the people I have found on Instagram c

disappearingninepatch Sat 24-Feb-18 19:22:16

I was a member of the sewing forum but found it quite cliquey and rarely posted, although I do miss the mass of info and advice it held. I prefer the Sewing Place.

Greensmurf1 Sat 24-Feb-18 19:26:25

Try my friend's blog. She will probably know
She's on instagram @sewing_beautifully

ElanorGamgee Sat 24-Feb-18 19:29:53

I am pleased it wasn't just me disappearing, it felt like a teenage playground. I rarely posted too.

PathOfLeastResitance Sat 24-Feb-18 19:54:14

Sew this, sew that on Facebook is a friendly bunch of people but sometimes I have to mute them as there is so much posted!

PigeonPie Sat 24-Feb-18 21:39:43

There's a Facebook group called Sewing in the UK which is quite active and there are also additional groups for most counties too.

I've just started sewing again (more than just dressing up costumes and curtains!) and have decided to take myself off on a proper one-to-one pattern cutting course. I had my second session today and have just finished cutting out the second pattern and toile for a bodice and skirt.

I now know why I was never happy with commercial patterns - I'm such a funny shape due to illness and surgery as a child - but had never got around to fitting anything properly as it's too difficult on yourself.

I'm so looking forward to drafting my own patterns and getting everything to fit.

ElanorGamgee Sat 24-Feb-18 21:56:48

I did that a few years back pigeon. I was lucky enough to find a recently retired lecturer who did one to one classes. Made a massive difference to my sewing.

SlightlyAntique Tue 13-Mar-18 09:31:32

Many thanks for the skirt pattern link Elan or. Can't wait to get started.

Joinourclub Tue 13-Mar-18 09:37:29

Reddit has some busy sewing subs.

Niminy Fri 16-Mar-18 14:47:34

The Fold Line has pattern reviews but tbh most of them aren't really reviews so much as a way of advertising people's blogs. Pattern Review has better reviews but registration is such a faff I let mine lapse after the free trial period. The Fold Line has a fb group which has some knowledgeable people in it and is less 'here's the link to my blog' than the main site.

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