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StarlaX Fri 02-Feb-18 11:51:12

Hi, i'm trying to crochet my 3 kids a pair of slippers each, i only use thin wool and i can't find any patterns that use thin wool. Does it really matter if i don't use the right size wool? Or would it mess up? Also, none of the patterns i find say a shoe size, so how could i be sure they will fit? Hope someone can help! Thanks

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SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Fri 02-Feb-18 12:19:24

Have you looked on Ravelry? If you use advanced pattern search, you can put in the gauge of yarn you have, and narrow down the patterns that way.

If you use a thinner yarn than the one given in the pattern and the right size hook for your yarn, the shoe will come out smaller. If you use the thinner yarn and the hook size given in the pattern, you will get a loose and baggy fabric that won't look right or work properly - sorry.

TalkLessSmileMore Fri 02-Feb-18 12:45:31

Every pattern should have a gauge listed at the beginning — basically, if you single crochet X number of stitches X number of rows it should measure X. It is always a good idea to do a quick swatch before starting a new project, because even if you use the right weight of yarn it can still vary quite a bit, and everyone crochets differently. If your yarn doesn’t come up pretty close to the gauge you either need to adjust the pattern (not easy for a beginner) or use a different yarn. I would think most slippers work beat with a heavier weight, have you considered using two strands of the thinner yarn together?

It’s odd that the slipper patterns don’t have shoe sizes. I’ve made slippers and they’ve always given a few options depending on what size you want. Keep looking and you will find a pattern with sizes. Ravelry is fab.

StarlaX Sun 04-Feb-18 13:43:54

Thank you both, i will have a look on there!

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