Sewing machine recommendation please

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LaceandChintz Sun 28-Jan-18 19:08:37

My ancient machine (hand-me-down from mother) has given up the ghost so I need to replace it.
I'm not a massive user of it, but definitely don't want to be without. I don't do anything terribly fancy, but will run up some curtains or cushion covers, or a fancy dress costume or suchlike. It basically needs to sew, simply! I don't need an overlocker nor do I need it to sing and dance grin
Can anyone recommend any? I don't want to buy really cheap if it will be rubbish but nor do I want to pay for loads of features I won't use.
Thank you!

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RainOnATinRoof Sun 28-Jan-18 19:47:45

What's your budget?

I have the Janome 525s and I love it.

LaceandChintz Sun 28-Jan-18 20:04:31

Thanks RainOnATinRoof I’ve had a quick look at that model and it looks great but is a bit more than I would be able to spend. Budget I think nearer the £150 mark.

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Knittedfairies Sun 28-Jan-18 20:45:35

Have you got an independent sewing machine shop anywhere near? They often have re-conditioned machines at good prices.

BetterEatCheese Sun 28-Jan-18 20:53:08

I was going to say Janome 525s too. It's brilliant.

John Lewis do nice ones under £100 and they come in fancy colours

LaceandChintz Sun 28-Jan-18 21:14:33

I think I could stretch to that if I used the machine more frequently but I can go months without needing it so really can't justify that amount.
I'll see if we have a machine shop nearby. Reconditioned might be the way to go. Thank you.

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student26 Tue 30-Jan-18 11:51:37

I have a Brother LS14. It's one of the cheaper ones but I love it and have used it for loads. Had it for four years and never let me down. Aldi is also getting in a new machine this week I think.

LaceandChintz Tue 30-Jan-18 20:36:41

Thanks for the Aldi tip. We don't have one nearby but my mum does and she's quite a sewer so I may get her to have a look.

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IJustLostTheGame Sat 03-Mar-18 13:35:34

I can recommend singer 4411 and 4423s. They are a bit heavy as they are metal inside and not plastic but they are also totally reliable workhorses.

Toyota also do some really good solid sewing machines in the 150 bracket. My mum has the jeans one and it's really good.

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