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Has anyone used Etsy to sell their crafts?

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owthathurts Fri 26-Jan-18 20:26:58

Just wondering whether to join up to sell some of my craft projects.

Has anyone been lucky and sold stuff?

Can I ask where you get your ideas from? Do you use pinterest or think of it yourself?


owthathurts Sat 27-Jan-18 19:13:22


speakout Sat 10-Feb-18 07:06:14

Hi, I use Amazon and ebay. I sell a lot- it's a full time job for me.

Olga81 Sat 10-Feb-18 08:50:37

I've sold a few bits on Etsy but for me as I was selling relatively low value crafts less than £5 (think greeting cards, paper decorations) the listing fees really ate into the cost, especially as they were due irrespective of what sold.

This was some time ago now so the fee structure may have changed.

I've been looking again recently to sell some crochet items but realistically the fees I'd have to charge to make it worth it from a business point of view means they'd never sell.

autumncountryrose Sat 10-Feb-18 08:53:05

Yes, I do!

I find it really user friendly! I did find when I first started that it felt like the fees took a fair chunk of profit, but I sell a large volume now and don’t find it so bad.

owthathurts Tue 13-Feb-18 09:09:12

I might just have a dabble! I keep making things as I enjoy it but they are all sat in tins doing nothing. I also saw an Etsy craft fair near to where I live but couldn't have a table as I wasn't an Etsy seller.

inkandstone Sun 25-Feb-18 14:01:02

Yes! I have two jewellery shops and an art shop on Etsy. It's definitely my favourite venue for selling handmade ~ I've tried eBay, Amazon, Folksy, the lot, but Etsy has been the best for me.

owthathurts Fri 02-Mar-18 14:55:05

Thanks - I do really need to take the plunge!

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