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BrightonBollock Tue 23-Jan-18 18:21:55

Do you buy it or 'trawl' beaches for your own random pieces?I've collected a few nice bits over the years and was wondering what i could do with them other than chuck them in a drawer.

mumpoints Tue 23-Jan-18 18:31:14

Put in a glass bowl with water and put on the windowsill above the radiator so counter the dry air.

k2p2k2tog Sat 27-Jan-18 16:00:45

I collect seaglass off various beaches. Never, ever buy it, that's cheating!!

I made a glass bowl which was really effective using this tutorial: Don't be shy with the glue would be my top tip. And little bits work better than big bits.

GraveorExtension Sat 27-Jan-18 16:11:18

Ooh, I have a life-long stash and was wondering what to do with it! I live MILES from any coast, so it's small pile grin

Um. Interesting video..... Sort of complusive viewing, if a little...odd?...

k2p2k2tog Sat 27-Jan-18 16:33:26

Yeah it's a bit weird... but the technique works. I got the American "tacky glue" from Hobbycraft, their own brand works too.

ineedamoreadultieradult Sat 27-Jan-18 16:42:03

We have a fantastic seaglass beach near us, all the littl bits come home and go in a glass kilner jar, it's filling up nicely and looks quite pretty on the kitchen window sill. There are quite a few people down the beach collecting seaglass for making jewellery etc so sometimes if the kids get a big bit or a multicoloured bit they will go and see if they want it, they sometimes get a swap for a small handful of little bits or sometimes they even make a few pennies.

Knittedfairies Sat 27-Jan-18 16:44:59

I 'made' some seaglass; I found a rock tumbling machine in a charity shop for £1 so chucked some broken glass in it with some grit and let it do its thing. It worked really well!

k2p2k2tog Sat 27-Jan-18 17:48:52

INeedAMore - where do you live????? Always looking to enhance my seaglass collection...

BikeRunSki Sat 27-Jan-18 17:52:13

I have a lovely necklace, which has a pendant made of a piece of seaglass, set in silver. I got it from an Etsy shop when I was looking for a present for DSis.

I just love the shape and colour of the glass.

ineedamoreadultieradult Sat 27-Jan-18 18:04:21

k2p2k2tog in the North East, if you're anywhere near I will PM you the exact beach.

k2p2k2tog Sat 27-Jan-18 18:30:04

Unfortunately not - I have heard the stretch just south of Newcastle is good.

FetchItFletch Wed 31-Jan-18 19:32:34

I collect it from the local beach, I walk the dog there every day so have ended up with a fair amount of sea-glass.
Most of it is just slung in a decorative bowl but I have made a very simple picture for our downstairs loo, literally just pieces glued on to some card and then framed.
There's some really good ideas on Pinterest, I keep intending to make tea-light holders or dangly mobile things.

Dowser Sun 11-Feb-18 23:56:15

I made my daughter and myself a sea glass silver wire wrapped pendant with similar coloured semi precious stones on the necklace

This is mine

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