Star Wars crochet book help please?

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TroubledTribble28 Mon 08-Jan-18 13:58:26

Hello smile my son is 5 in March and I have begun making a Star Wars blanket. I bought the 'Even more Star Wars crochet' book but he won't know half the characters as they're mostly from original films. Is anyone able/willing to help me out with the written patterns from the first book please? I've spent all the money budgeted for his birthday, all wool is bought and I can't afford another twenty for the first book. I'll send you the book I have if anyone wants to swap please? I just need the patterns! Thanks for reading.

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Katescurios Mon 08-Jan-18 14:04:45

I don't have the crochet book but do have a star wars craft book that includes a crochet R2 D2 beanie hat. Any good?

Katescurios Mon 08-Jan-18 14:07:38

This one

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Mon 08-Jan-18 14:09:59

There are a couple of free blanket patterns on Ravelry that might useful to you.
A Galaxy Far Far Away and Star Wars

ATeardropExplodes Mon 08-Jan-18 14:12:32

OOh I do like that R2 beanie hat.

TroubledTribble28 Mon 08-Jan-18 14:29:35

Kates - that would be wonderful thank you! smile

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TroubledTribble28 Mon 08-Jan-18 14:30:17

Thank you blaclamericano I'm off to print the patterns now smile

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Katescurios Mon 08-Jan-18 14:33:14

Will PM you both the pattern, may have to be tomorrow when I can get to a scanner, it depends how well photos work smile

ATeardropExplodes Mon 08-Jan-18 16:00:37

Those have got my crochet hook quivering! Thanks for those.

TroubledTribble28 Mon 08-Jan-18 17:07:34

I really appreciate it, thanks everyone. If anyone wants me to email the patterns for toys from the book I have please let me know.

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