Faulty knitting patterns online. Is it only me?

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TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Thu 04-Jan-18 21:15:31

I’ve been knitting an crocheting for 40 years since l was about 11. I could always make anything from a pattern with no problem.

But since I’ve started downloading or buying patterns off blogs, l seem to have endless problems with the patterns being wrong.... . So have l just become crap over the last 10 years?

I’ve now made the decision not to buy random patterns off the internet and only to buy ones with recognised brand name

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PassiveAgressiveQueen Thu 04-Jan-18 21:35:04

Same with cooking recipes, i started noticing with cheap books, and it slid into web sites

Mybabystolemysanity Thu 04-Jan-18 21:37:39

If you haven't already, do go and join Ravelry. You can look at user comments to get a good idea if something has been professionally tech edited. It's very transparent.

TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Thu 04-Jan-18 21:59:44

A lot are from Ravelry, but l don’t always read reviews.

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Stitchit Thu 04-Jan-18 23:54:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HerSymphonyAndSong Fri 05-Jan-18 00:01:38

Agree about Ravelry reviews, and often errata are available - I assume you’re talking about cases where no errata have been published?

I have to say that I haven’t found this at all, and it is worth checking to see which ones have been well-tested in advance as this will often show on Ravelry

frasier Fri 05-Jan-18 00:12:48

Growing up, nearly every member of my family had a cableknit jumper with the same fault in the pattern on the front (one of the cables didn't twist, it was just an S shape) knitted by my grandmother from a old paper pattern. It was like being a member of a secret society!

turbohamster Sat 06-Jan-18 11:13:59

I only buy patterns online from sellers who also publish free patterns. This gives me assurance about the style and quality of the bought pattern and I've not had any issues.

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