Any Candle makers here?

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speakout Mon 01-Jan-18 13:31:31

Hi, I am looking to make candles to sell.
Ideally the candle in a tin variety.
How hard is it? Any advice about colours and fragrances in particular?

I am a novice at this.

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Indigo911 Mon 01-Jan-18 13:37:38

It’s quite an art to get the aroma of the candle to fill the room when it’s lit. I’ve made them before and they always smelt nice and strong when cold, but as soon as they were lit the fragrance wouldn’t do much. Think I was using the wrong size wicks.
I make wax melts instead for oil burners and they are so easy to do. The bakery type scents have been the most popular ones I sell, followed by the themed ones (christmassy scents like pine or mulled wine for Xmas time, pumpkin spice for autumn etc

speakout Mon 01-Jan-18 13:54:24

Thanks I appreciate that.

Do you have a good supplier for the synthetic fragrances? I was thinking of using essental oils.
And soy wax?

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Indigo911 Mon 01-Jan-18 13:57:59

Use the cb135 soy wax as it’s best for scent throw. I just get mine on amazon. Whicksnwhacks are good for wax, pots, fragrance oil etc.
Sensoryperfection are good for a wide range of fragrance oils but can be a little pricey. Craftovator are cheaper for fragrance oils and I find them good quality, but they don’t have such a good range and mainly just stock the well known scents

speakout Mon 01-Jan-18 14:07:05

THanks so much.

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speakout Tue 02-Jan-18 20:17:53

THose sites have been really helpful thanks.
I am also looking for label design software ( easy to use) - any ideas?

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lucysmam Tue 02-Jan-18 22:54:17

I've just bumped a thread I want to read through in the morning, might (or might not) be useful to you smile

Giraffesarequitetall Tue 02-Jan-18 23:00:13

Just to warn you that as an accountant who has a client who does this, it is hard to make lots of money at it. The fragrances in particular are very expensive in addition to the wax, wicks, tins etc

My client has spent years building up the business and still would be better off shutting her business and getting a normal job, sorry to say that but thought you should have a realistic view of how much you can make.

speakout Wed 03-Jan-18 21:49:44


I have my eyes open, don't worry. My craft business is already turning £80K pa and margins are high. I already sell candles as part of my wider product range but have new ideas I want to explore as a way of growing my business and incorporate better branding.

I only work hard for good profit!

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FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 03-Jan-18 21:58:39

CB135 is no longer in production,

FiveGoMadInDorset Wed 03-Jan-18 22:01:11

Go onto the forum Taking the Wick, .ots of great information and support on there

speakout Wed 03-Jan-18 22:06:33


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WelshMoth Thu 04-Jan-18 08:13:38

I don't find soy great for scent throw to be honest so I'm considering a smaller batch of paraffin wax to experiment. I also used a higher than 7-10% fragrance balance (I think Jo Malone is 7%) and the scent isn't great, which I'm really disappointed at.

Fragrance isn't cheap, even if you're able to source reasonably-sounding prices wax.

I'm making candles as favours for a wedding and it's turning into a costly venture.

To be honest, places like Ikea and The Range sell candles at a really
Cheap price with quite a potent fragrance - I really don't know how they do it!

speakout Thu 04-Jan-18 08:24:22

Welsh- I had actually considered using bought candles- already coloured and scented and melting them down for tins!
As you say Ikea/the Range/Home Bargains are so cheap.

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WelshMoth Thu 04-Jan-18 09:33:48

You risk losing the fragrance in the process though.

WelshMoth Thu 04-Jan-18 09:36:21

We're missing a trick somewhere.
Bulk buying and business accounts obviously make it profitable for candle companies but even after loads of research, I'm unable to source cheap but quality oils.

CanIBuffalo Thu 04-Jan-18 09:37:56

Would you be telling your customers that you'd made the candles in that way? It seems quite dishonest otherwise.

speakout Thu 04-Jan-18 12:57:45

CanIBuffalo I can't see it's dishonest.

Simply as a a source of wax these candles seem better value than buying raw material.

I could add my own fragrance.

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WelshMoth Thu 04-Jan-18 13:38:24

But leaving ethics aside, re heating the wax would lose the fragrance.

<dreams of finding a website with raw fragrance>

speakout Thu 04-Jan-18 15:37:02

Using candles as a source of wax is hardly unethical surely?

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WelshMoth Thu 04-Jan-18 21:44:28

Perhaps Buffalo means that you'll be adopting the scent you're buying and selling it as your own.

Anyway, I have no opinion on that.
I'm really frustrated that I can't seem to source fragrance at a reasonable price.

speakout Thu 04-Jan-18 21:52:14

Indigo suggested Craftovator upthread for cheap fragrances, have you tried that?

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WelshMoth Thu 04-Jan-18 22:26:15

Will go and have a look. Thanks!

ElanorGamgee Fri 05-Jan-18 10:08:40

Fresh skin have fantastic fragrances. I do 10% and the smell is amazing.

WelshMoth Fri 05-Jan-18 11:45:09

Elanor I really rate Fresh Skin but not used them in candle making (only burners).

What blends do you use?
How do you measure your 10%


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