Sewing machine help!

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Liss100 Tue 19-Dec-17 18:15:55

Hope someone can help me!

I have a prolectrix sewing machine, and I have purchased a overstitch foot so I can make sure all the garments I make have the standard overlock stitch like te clothes in stores! HOWEVER! I didn’t realise that I need to get a snap on foot adapter (one that I can screw) on my sewing machine! I have looked on eBay etc but none of them suggest it could fit my machine. I find it quite hard to find my sewing machine online. It doesn’t have a telephone number on it which I need to call regarding the foot pedal as cannot get a standard one as it needs to be a ear phone jack insert! This is becoming a nightmare! Any ideas??

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RolfNotRudolf Tue 19-Dec-17 18:18:07

If you are on Facebook there is a very active group called Sewing in the UK - if you posted there, preferably with a photo, someone might be able to help

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