How to make a Roman Blind

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angstinabaggyjumper Fri 08-Dec-17 11:08:29

Can I interline a roman blind? I would like to interline with one of those thick thermal interlinings but I'm afraid it might just look lumpy does anyone have any experience of doing this please?

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BarchesterFlowers Sat 09-Dec-17 03:40:13

Yes I do this. This is how I do it, cut the bump/interlining to the size of the finished blind and lay on top of the wrong side of the fabric, fold in all edges. Stab stitch here and there in the areas you know will be in between rods. Sew the channels for the rods in the lining. Lay on top of bump with edges folded in. Pin lots. See Velcro on right side top. Turn over top and hand stitch all way round. No stitches visible.

angstinabaggyjumper Sat 09-Dec-17 10:11:56

BarchesterFlowers thank you I get it now.

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Oldraver Sat 09-Dec-17 23:15:19

As Barchester said.

I made DS's blind with interlining and dark blue lining fabric as the opposite neighbour has a very bright security light that shines into the room.

It isnt bulky at all and folds very well...looks fab. Occasionally have to ajust a little but usually ok

NotMeNoNo Sun 10-Dec-17 11:00:03

Tbh if your budget stretches to a book, Blinds, curtains and cushions by Catherine Merrick is brilliant, and you can buy all the professional header rails, linings etc from Merrick and Day. My Roman blinds are much improved now.

You can interline a blind, I found it easier to lay all 3 layers on the table and hand stitch rather than try to stuff through my sewing machine. Main thing is to keep them flat so it hangs nicely.

Tinselistacky Sun 10-Dec-17 11:01:57

Poke him in the eye..... grin

BarchesterFlowers Sun 10-Dec-17 13:40:04

Yes, Merrick and Day are the best for everything curtains/blinds. I have their Encyclopedia of Curtains which was published in 1998. It has just been revised, the one I have is as little as 40p plus postage on Amazon.

BarchesterFlowers Sun 10-Dec-17 13:40:24

I wonder if Tinsel posted on the wrong thread!!

TheDonald Sun 10-Dec-17 13:41:29

Tinsel you beat me to it!

(Also marking place because I'm planning this in the new year)

Tinselistacky Sun 10-Dec-17 13:58:24

Seems some mners need a wineof festive cheer!!

BarchesterFlowers Sun 10-Dec-17 14:12:10

I just didn't get it Tinsel????

OP wants thick thermal interlining - why would she poke 'him' (who) in the eye??

NotMeNoNo Sun 10-Dec-17 14:17:13

BF, just read the thread title again!

BarchesterFlowers Sun 10-Dec-17 14:20:39

Oh fgrin, yes I see now!!

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sun 10-Dec-17 14:23:54 website has really great videos to help, plus a great forum for advice.

Trouble with thick interlining is that it can be difficult to cut it square as it tends to shift.
I use something called bonded interlining, it is combined interlining for warmth and ordinary lining for stability. You can also get bonded interlining with blackout

angstinabaggyjumper Sun 10-Dec-17 15:54:46

BreakfastAtSquiffanys yes I was wondering about that just saw it yesterday on eBay I also looked up the meaning of bump and apparently it's not very stable. There's also something called Domette which is easier to work with.

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BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sun 10-Dec-17 15:57:45

Bonded interlining is domette bonded to lining. It is SO much easier to use, you mark out on lining side, cut it out and it's still square.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sun 10-Dec-17 15:58:59

I never use anything else for blinds now (professional seamstress)

angstinabaggyjumper Sun 10-Dec-17 16:18:48

BarchesterFlowers and NotMeNoNo thank you I've just ordered the book and the Merrick and Day site is an eye opener.

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BarchesterFlowers Sun 10-Dec-17 16:33:12

Whoever said about bump not being easy to work with is absolutely right, however, I bought a full roll years ago (probably 20 years ago) and have been using it up ever since. I reckon I will finish it off in the spring as I am moving house again!!

angstinabaggyjumper Sun 10-Dec-17 16:44:40

BarchesterFlowers ooh lucky you we moved about 9 months ago but I'm only just getting round to a few finishing bits. I'm thinking of taking BreakfastAtSquiffanys' advice.

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BarchesterFlowers Sun 10-Dec-17 16:52:29

Yes, make it as easy as you can. I will buy something more stable - things have moved on in the last two decades 😂. Must be even longer than that actually - like 25 years!!

It is our third move in 2 years weeps.

We left our lovely house and moved into rented for our buyers, then bought something else, now we are downsizing (current house far too big for us - I was ill last year which made me rethink my life and working full time to pay a mortgage for 5 beds for three of us!).

I can't wait to move again (only down the road) and get rid of lots of 'stuff' and have a tiny mortgage ........ and make new blinds of course - I always use the M&D blind kits and have several waiting to be re-used.

angstinabaggyjumper Sat 16-Dec-17 13:35:54

UPDATE and SOMETHING FUNNY: Thanks for the recommendation re The Encyclopedia of Curtains it is indeed what it says on the tin. It cost 40p and I discovered a folded piece of paper between its pages, it was a pencil written shopping list viz
Coco powder
Fish food
Massive pants

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BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sat 16-Dec-17 17:08:54

That's a bargain. I love that book.

Does anyone actually buy Spam any more?
Massive pants, yes.

angstinabaggyjumper Sun 17-Dec-17 13:32:00

As you suggested BreakfastAtSquiffanys I have just joined as well although the roman blind calculator was a little beyond me unfortunately.

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BreakfastAtSquiffanys Sun 17-Dec-17 13:57:48

@angstinabaggyjumper Don't worry, the book will give you plenty of instructions re spacing of the rods

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