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What is the most useful thing to learn first at a sewing machine lesson

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mermaidinmycoffeecup Fri 01-Dec-17 19:09:39

Dd (16) got a sewing machine for her birthday.She gets two free half hour lessons with it.What should she ask to learn?She can sew a straight line,thread up etc as she uses one in school.We want to make the most of the time and think taking the second lesson in a month might be better.I was thinking button holes.
Any suggestions?

Maverick66 Fri 01-Dec-17 19:11:43

How to do buttonholes and insert zips.

Neapolitanpink Sat 02-Dec-17 08:38:37

I assume that it is a lesson with the machine?
In that case some ideas would be:
What all the knobs and buttons do and why, which things not to touch (bobbin tension)
How and when to adjust tension
How to troubleshoot common problems
How to wind a bobbin
Stitch types and size, which ones to use and when
What the different feet do and how to change them
How and when to change a needle
Using a double needle
How to oil and clean the machine
How to use the guide on the foot plate to sew a seam allowance
How to sew thin fabric and lots of layers of fabric
What all the tools and extras that the machine comes with are for
Types of thread to use, when and what for
Tools for sewing, scissors, chalk, different pins etc...

mermaidinmycoffeecup Sat 02-Dec-17 14:01:58

Wow thanks will write that down to take with us tomorrow.Its at Hobbycraft.
She gets two free half hour lessons do you when is the best time to take the second?
She took textiles as a GCSE option at school but the teacher doesn't teach sewing,embroidery etc which Dd has to do so we are looking on YouTube,trying to work it out.

Neapolitanpink Sat 02-Dec-17 21:28:40

I would leave a couple of weeks gap perhaps, that way you if your DD is sewing quite a bit in those two weeks she'll have worked out which bits have stuck in her mind and which bits she'll need help with.

I would also try and use those two weeks to use the instruction manual to figure out button holes etc and then use the second lesson for clarification as half an hour isn't long.

The other option might be to sign her up for some private lessons? There are also 2 groups on FB, each called 'sewing for beginners'. They have loads of helpful posts, they are also often link to good you tube links.

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