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Knitting and stitching show, Ally Pally

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Checkedstripes Sat 07-Oct-17 10:17:19

Has anyone been to this before? I'm going for the first time Saturday, but not sure I want to get the train. Are you able to park? Everything I've seen says that Saturday is insanely busy. It's because I'm not sure I can face carrying all the swag the odd bits and pieces I buy home on the train.

fortifiedwithtea Wed 11-Oct-17 09:13:24

Yes it very busy. I know Ally Pally well because of the ice rink and I used to work for a family business that sells sewing machines.

There are many coach companies that arrange transport to Ally Pally, I would try to get a seat on a coach.

In case you don't know Ally Pally it is at the top of a massive hill. would not like to walk up even when was young and fit. Bus number W3 runs a great service from Wood Green (tube) past Alexandra Palace Rail station and then up the hill. Did I mention the massive hill ?grin

If you want a break from the crafts there is another café at the boating lake (lovely wild fowl, plus a million pigeons) or walk to the deer enclosure, though I've only seen them once in all the time I've been going there.

Have fun smile

Sweetpea302 Wed 11-Oct-17 09:17:53

I would definitely recommend getting the train. As fortified says, there's a bus up the hill. Have a look on the event website and it should give details of the free shuttle bus that runs from one of the stations.
You'll have an amazing day. It's so so so much fun! I would recommend taking a packed lunch or M&S sandwich etc as the cafes are super expensive and super busy. I always end up sitting on the floor amongst loads of other lovely crafty people and having a rest and a sandwich!

Checkedstripes Wed 11-Oct-17 20:41:14

There does seem to be a coach company going from nearby me so think I'll give that a go! Excited now smile

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