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Making covers for ikea hagalund sofa bed. Help!

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Stormyweather1 Sat 07-Oct-17 08:51:43

Hello all, I have just moved house and inherited a rather scruffy but usefully sized ikea 2 seater hagalund sofa bed.

Freecycle and charity enquiries have generated no interest as it's a bit stained/ torn but I think that it would be such a waste just to tip it. So, I thought of making new covers.

I have made curtains, clothes, bedding and cushions, even a lampshade cover, so have some sewing experience. However I have no idea where to start here!! Hence hoping someone might be able to help.

Would I cut apart and use the existing covers as a pattern, or need to measure the sofa and make a pattern myself? Was thinking of using Ankara cotton fabric from Nigeria, would this work? It's 100% cotton in bold colours and patterns and fabulous for other soft furnishings. Do I need to use fire retardant spray?

Any advice, suggestions or experiences very very welcome! Thanks in advance.

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