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Saturday's or Sundays

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TakingTheWick Fri 06-Oct-17 15:26:10

Hi just organising dates for my candle making workshops for next year and was thinking of doing some on Sundays. If you were to go on a workshop over the weekend which day would suit.

TakingTheWick Fri 06-Oct-17 19:54:48


PurpleDaisies Fri 06-Oct-17 19:55:30

Saturday for me.

TakingTheWick Fri 06-Oct-17 22:31:04

Thank you purple that's good to know

unicornface Sat 07-Oct-17 10:59:48

Saturday for me too. I can't quite relax so much on a Sunday, it's when I get last minute jobs done for the week ahead.

Southlondonmum76 Sat 07-Oct-17 15:29:20

I think Sunday is a good option. Some people might be working on a Saturday and really want to do the workshop and their only free day would be a Sunday.

Plus, for me saturdays tend to get very busy very quickly with all sorts and Sunday is a nice relaxing day to unwind and treat yourself to a workshop and make it your day.

Give a trial and see how it goes. smile

tribpot Sat 07-Oct-17 15:34:43

I agree, quite often Saturday is a day for taking dc to their activities so Sunday is easier for busy parents to get away.

TakingTheWick Sat 07-Oct-17 17:15:41

Thank you this fab feedback

4yoniD Sat 07-Oct-17 17:17:59

I'd like a Sunday. Saturday it's just me and the kids (+ballet run). Sunday my dh is off so can have the kids.

TakingTheWick Sat 07-Oct-17 18:04:22

Thanks 4yoniD for the feedback. Interestingly I have a workshop sheduled for a Sunday and its full while the saturday slots still have a couple of spaces left

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