Crocheters? How do you store your stash?

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MiaowTheCat Fri 29-Sep-17 21:10:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oncewaswho Thu 28-Sep-17 13:37:32

Plastic boxes in my wardrobe for longer term. Out and about I use a selection of clear plastic cosmetic bags from Boots (size depends on how big / how many balls etc). Canvas bags for bigger projects. Keep needles, stitch markers etc in a tiny tin (had mints in it originally) inside the smallest cosmetic bag with hooks etc. I use a yarn winder to make centre-pulling balls which stay inside the bag as you work.

YouWereRight Thu 28-Sep-17 13:30:35

I store balls in wire baskets from Søstrene Greene. They fit well on my bookshelf, and are pretty colours.

IamEarthymama Thu 28-Sep-17 08:11:58

I have lots too, I intend to be all
I think I might have to declutter, not the yarn, but other things like my grandmother's Golden Wedding China. I love it but have nowhere to display it
I would pass it on but my daughter is a minimalist.
I think a sort out and casting off (ha!) of possessions may be in order, followed by a visit to Ikea.
Though how do you walk out with just the thing you went in for?

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ChampagneCommunist Wed 27-Sep-17 21:58:38

I have some in big baskets from Ikea, some in drawers & some in tubs.

I have an a LOT of yarn

IamEarthymama Wed 27-Sep-17 21:57:05

I should have added that I live in a small house but there is definitely room for wool!

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IamEarthymama Wed 27-Sep-17 21:56:07

I am currently trying to be less of a hoarder. I want to keep my wool wish is currently in several baskets.
It does NOT look ready for a photo shoot.
In addition I would like to take my crocheting out and about. What is the best way to control it; a ball of wool rolled down the bus last week and I got in a right Pickle sorting it out!

So share your wise suggestions please!

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