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TotalCrochetAddict Thu 07-Sep-17 12:39:34

Super sorry if I'm breaking rules!

A group of people I know who love the TOFT patterns have just started a group on FB to share photos and also give out help and stuff to people who are new to crochet.

We think it is easier to be able to chat on FB sometimes for things like this and as the group gets bigger which we hope people will get help and stuff more quickly - or that's the plan!

loads of questions to avoid strange people, so just answer mumsnet and they will let you in (as I've never seen a weirdo on mumsnet 😂)

Really hope not breaking any rules, name changed as crochet is my escape and don't want my personal stuff following me about 😊 And actually someone recommended me to a FB group on here when I was learning.

Super sorry if I'm breaking rules!

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