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PunkyVixen Wed 06-Sep-17 22:14:11

After some advise on which wadding would be best to use for a baby quilt
Making my first quilt as a present for my sisters baby boy due in November
I've pretty much finished he top and didn't realise how many options there are for wadding ๐Ÿ˜…
Any tips on which wadding would be most suitable for a quilt intended for a baby?!
I would imagine it'd probably be used as a play mat until he's one and then as a blanket

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Helpmeltb Wed 06-Sep-17 22:24:40

It's all personal preference tbh. I like bamboo - I find it nice to quilt.

There's a shop that sells sample packs which are quite good for getting an idea of the differences - my quilting teacher used to have a pack.

Helpmeltb Wed 06-Sep-17 22:25:57

Shop is Cotton Patch (had to Google )

disappearingninepatch Thu 07-Sep-17 14:08:51

I use 80/20 (80% cotton, 20% polyester) also from Cotton Patch.

opinionatedfreak Fri 08-Sep-17 11:20:45

I like 80/20.

100% polyester is awful - quilts don't drape well at all.

GoldenFlaps Fri 08-Sep-17 15:09:35

I've made baby quilts and used Quilters Dream Request Wadding which was recommended by staff at Cotton Patch.

I must just say that I was advised (can't remember where from now) that babies under 12 months shouldn't sleep under a quilt as it can get too warm for them. I always put a label on my quilts saying that and that they can be used as play mats or a buggy blanket or a dress quilt for the cot until the wee one is a year old.

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