Camera for 6yo

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yellowgladys Mon 04-Sep-17 10:15:51

Any recommendations for a camera for a creative 6yo? Ive been looking at children's cameras but photo quality looks awful. Im wondering if a normal basic camera would be better, but something a bit 'tough' to withstand drops

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Kerantli Mon 04-Sep-17 12:38:39

It does depend on your budget, this one is shock proof up to 5ft 9 - however, I have not used that particular camera, but Nikon is a brand I've used and do like.

I have used this, and have since given it to my youngest (and my eldest got the same camera in black) - I had dropped it a couple of times, and I know both DS's did, but I think it came with a wrist strap that I wrapped around my wrist a couple times.

I currently have a Canon ixus 160, which does the job, and again my youngest DS has used it and it's had a couple dings but works well still.

yellowgladys Mon 04-Sep-17 18:25:36

Thanks. I did see the nikon coolpix w100 but its about 3 x budget unfortunately

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