Making slime

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Hotdoggy Wed 30-Aug-17 19:16:40

Does any know how to make slime?? I know it's gross, but lol has been trying for most of the hols and has no success. I've looked on google and bought ingredients accordingly, but it's not worked.
Just wondered if any of your lo's have made some and had success.
Failing this any science teachers out there that know, would very much appreciate the recipie. Many thanks.

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Trollspoopglitter Wed 30-Aug-17 19:20:03

Key ingredient, Borax, isn't sold in U.K. What are you making it with?

Zebee Wed 30-Aug-17 19:25:35

Pva glue, pinch of bicarbonate of soda and then add some Bausch & Lomb Sensitive Eyes Saline Solution available from Amazon. Keep on stirring then add a little at time. We don't use precise measurements as it is a bit of trial and error.
Also good to add shaving foam in it.
Tried lots of methods but this is the only one that really works.
You can then try food colouring but we got it working first.

Hotdoggy Wed 30-Aug-17 19:25:55

Contact lense solution, glue, food colouring, aftershave foam. Lo has tried other stuff, but can't remember what, as gone through so many products this summer. Lo did mention getting some borax and the chemist did say we wouldn't be able to. Just wondered if there was another way of making it?

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fucksakefay Wed 30-Aug-17 19:27:56

Watching as we've been doing similar as have many of DD's friends, think is the reason why our local supermarket has run out of slime! Also no success, what is borax as DD keeps talking about it?

Hotdoggy Wed 30-Aug-17 19:29:16

Thanks Zebee, will try this out. Ordering saline right now. Bye!

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scalliondays Wed 30-Aug-17 20:26:35

Great recipe on next page down from JakeyBakey on 4/8/17 at 23.58 - we finally have slime -dd delighted - thanks!

Allfednonedead Fri 15-Sep-17 16:11:11

Fybogel and food colouring!

Allfednonedead Fri 15-Sep-17 16:12:32

Sorry, pressed post too soon. Here's a link

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