Wool warehouse voucher to spend!

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MOIST Tue 22-Aug-17 09:53:53

I have £55 of vouchers to squander on lovely yarn.
i like a big blanket type project or a CAL. I also suspect DD1 has bought me the Attic24 moorland blanket pack.

what should i get?

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ALLthedinosaurs Thu 24-Aug-17 03:10:24

Lucky you... I'm so jealous! I have many recommendation because I've spent farrr tooo much on bloody wool warehouse this month. Buy all the wool!

I'm totally in love with sublime cashmere merino silk. It's like heaven to crochet so squishy soft and lovely. It is my new favourite. I also love drops muskat and saffran because its lovely soft and substantial and the best colours so I bought some of that... I got some stylecraft batik last month which was quite lovely for an acrylic blend and looks gorgeous crocheted up.

I'm waiting for some drops puna alpaca in natural colours, some lovely drops merino, and I bought myself a couple of schoppel zauberballs today because omg the colours (I bought oktoberfest and gebrannte mandel) and basically I need to stop and calm down!

I find drops brand really good value for money and nice stuff.

I like natural fibres for clothing but tbh you cant beat stylecraft special for blankets and the colour packs are so lovely, so I do like those a lot.

Bloody wool warehouse 😂

CornflakeHomunculus Thu 24-Aug-17 03:14:27

I'm completely obsessed with Drops Muskat. Never used 100% cotton before and it's just wonderful stuff. I've got three or four crocheted blankets on the go, all of which are Drops Muskat grin

MOIST Thu 24-Aug-17 12:25:04

I love cotton. I think maybe a big blanket project in cotton is needed.

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