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ilovetocook Sun 13-Aug-17 12:47:00

I really want to learn how to crochet but am really struggling even using YouTube videos. Any advice on best video to watch or book to read?

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PartyCityGhoul Sun 13-Aug-17 13:03:58

I really liked Sharon Ojala's YT videos, i found them the clearest and the little teddies she makes are really cute, they're crochet along ones and very simple - no fancy stitches really so great for beginners trying to figure out what the basics look like. I didn't like books, I need to see it move to work out the mechanics.

I spent a long time just redoing it though, pausing the video and redoing the stitches - you will spend a long time unpicking things at first, you will have to accept that!

I'm by no means an expert now but I'm competent and enjoy it which is what I was going for.

tribpot Sun 13-Aug-17 13:06:34

Have you tried Moogly?

Alternatively, for photo tutorials you could try Attic 24.

ilovetocook Sun 13-Aug-17 14:27:55

Thank you I will have a look at suggestions.

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stitchbitch Mon 14-Aug-17 00:29:29

Feel your pain op, I tried and tried and could never get the hang of it but one day it just clicked. I can only do granny squares though!

Polter Mon 14-Aug-17 18:23:18

Videos don't work for me at all, but Attic24 is great for basics and will give you confidence to try other things.

AmethystRaven Mon 14-Aug-17 18:30:36

Have you tried Bella Coco tutorials yet? I couldn't do it until I watched the granny square video, she does it really slowly and explains it as she goes.

PlaymobilPirate Mon 14-Aug-17 18:37:48

It's tempting to want to actually make something straight away but - it's like learning anything new. It takes time.

Attic24 is brilliant!

Spend time just doing loads and loads of chains. Do 50+, pull them out then start again etc.

Then do loads and loads of sc (uk terms and American terms are different mind)

Then do loads of sc with turns - so you make a block of them.

Then do loads and loads of trebles.

Just keep practising one stitch over and over till you get it before moving on to others.

glenthebattleostrich Tue 15-Aug-17 17:29:31

Second Bella coco videos. And practice practice practice.

ilovetocook Wed 16-Aug-17 19:17:42

I have just realised the difference in terms between American and English! I am basically just practicing swatches of each stitch. I've been doing OK till I've reached the treble crochet (American term) and I'm really struggling now. Thanks for suggestions, will check them out.

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diamantegal Wed 16-Aug-17 22:47:09

Try the Little Tin Bird website as well. I couldn't get on with videos, but she has lots of pictures which helped.

SasBel Wed 16-Aug-17 22:53:21

Another vote for Bella Coco on YouTube. I paused the video lots, pulled back lots, but now make squares for Woollyhugs

TotalCrochetAddict Thu 07-Sep-17 12:19:26

BellaCoco has a group on FB that's quite good too

A group of people I know who love the TOFT patterns have just started a group on FB to share photos and also give out help and stuff to people who are new to crochet

if anybody would like to join us? Here is a link. Loads of questions to avoid strange people, so just answer mumsnet and they will let you in (as never seen a weirdo on mumsnet 😂)


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