I WANT Hobbycraft vouchers!!!

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CosmicPineapple Sat 12-Aug-17 16:28:49

I turn 40 in a few weeks and my lovely family keep asking me what I want.

I decided that as I am bored in the evenings (DC do their own thing now they are older) I would like to do crafts.
Its something I used to enjoy and I am not half bad.

My family keep telling me I should get something memorable. That the vouchers would be a waste.
I have lovely visions in my head of me crafting Kirstie Allsop style.
Please tell me I am not wasting my birthday gifts asking for hobby craft vouchers?
If anyone would like to show me their creations it would help back up my argument smile and I love seeing others peoples stuff

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tomatopuree Sat 12-Aug-17 16:40:33

Hobbycraft is too expensive. Find a local craft shop or an online one and get from them. For my 40th. My gorgeous craft group girls chopped in and bought the tin holtz new distress oxide pads. 😍. Was by far my most favourite present

starfish8 Sat 12-Aug-17 16:46:13

I'd personally ask for cash then you can spend it anywhere. Have you got an idea of a particular craft that you want to try?

CosmicPineapple Sat 12-Aug-17 16:47:23

I dont know what that is but I want it. I need it grin

Hobbycraft as it is local to family and easier for them to buy vouchers.
If they gabe me cash it would end up going on the DC, bread and milk blush

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tomatopuree Sat 12-Aug-17 16:51:14

Get vouchers for Craftworld or Samuel Taylors. They can call up and get them over the phone and emailed to you.

CosmicPineapple Sat 12-Aug-17 16:52:02

I want to try card making. I have visions of my family receiving gorgeous hand made cards from me at Christmas.
I also want to try soap making and needle point.

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TroysMammy Sat 12-Aug-17 16:52:04

Do you have The Range near you? They have a marvellous craft section which I find much better than Hobbycraft. I make cards and my family, especially my sister buys me crap gifts when all they need to do is give me vouchers. I'd be happy as the proverbial pig.

tomatopuree Sat 12-Aug-17 16:53:00

The Range craft supplies are half the price of hobbycraft. Good call.

CosmicPineapple Sat 12-Aug-17 16:53:06

Ooo yes we have a range. Do they do vouchers?

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Katescurios Sat 12-Aug-17 16:54:46

Ask for john lewis vouchers they have a good hobbycraft section in stores and in the sports and leisure section section online. Let your friends and family believe what they want about you buying a nice pen or glasses set to commemorate the occasion.

Katescurios Sat 12-Aug-17 16:58:46

I've had a bit of time off the last couple of weeks so have taught myself crochet, now I'm in the middle of making a blanket for my little girl

CosmicPineapple Sat 12-Aug-17 17:03:39

Never considered JL thanks Kate my aunt will be happier if she can but JL vouchers.

See thats gorgeous and i want to produce things like that instead of being bored in front of the TV in the evening.

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tomatopuree Sat 12-Aug-17 17:04:21

I love Trimcraft products. Which are available in the Range. (I do work for Trimcraft though, but I really love their papers)

These are made using distress inks. You neeeeeeeeed them in your life

TroysMammy Sat 12-Aug-17 17:05:02

It appears they sell gift cards which can only be used in store.

CosmicPineapple Sat 12-Aug-17 17:07:06

I have decided I need a glue gun. smile

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tomatopuree Sat 12-Aug-17 17:07:48

Glue guns are great....if you need to go on the run and lose your fingerprints grin

CosmicPineapple Sat 12-Aug-17 17:10:12


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Oncewaswho Sat 12-Aug-17 17:27:24

Tiger is also good for crafty bits and they have a lovely little glue gun and glittery glue sticks.

Only problem with going to The Range is that you are likely to leave with a trolley full of random cushions, garden tools, camping equipment that you didn't actually need, it's like the middle aisle of Aldi x1000 I love it

Katescurios Sat 12-Aug-17 17:40:40

Or could you ask them to club together to buy you a course, the small craft stores in my area all do beginner courses over around 6 weeks, 1 evening a week. We have a yarn store that does crochet or knitting, a fabric shop that does quilting and dressmaking lessons, a bead stores that does jewellery making and I think mosaic tiles. There is the adult education centre that do cooking, drawing, painting, carpentry.

Oncewaswho Sat 12-Aug-17 18:06:47

A course is a great idea, there's an arts centre near me that does loads of them. I've never tried one but did jewellery making years ago somewhere else and really enjoyed it.

CosmicPineapple Sat 12-Aug-17 18:08:57

I could not commit to a course as I have DC 50:50 and the days change every week due to shift work.

If I could do a course it would be pottery.
I love the great pottery throw down grin

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Oncewaswho Sat 12-Aug-17 18:15:56

They are mostly one day courses at our arts centre, but even that can be tricky with childcare.

HairNinja Sat 12-Aug-17 18:21:02

Our local pottery courses are great but expensive - around £200 for a 10 week course.
I do a lot of crafting and am very happy to get hobbycraft vouchers too. JL are good though, and they sell the kirstie allsop kits as well I think. I often buy craft kits in their sale.
Another idea is that there's a monthly craft subscription box, I'll have to look up what it's called. It seems to mostly do card making type things. Or there's another one which is mostly knitting/crochet/felting type crafts. I already have tons of supplies for this so haven't been able to justify it but I look longingly at it from time to time!

HairNinja Sat 12-Aug-17 18:26:42

Here we go :

Would that kind of thing appeal?

CosmicPineapple Sat 12-Aug-17 18:30:24

Oh yes very much!

Right you have convinced me. Vouchers it is.
I shall give them a list of places they can get me vouchers but it will all be spent on wonderful crafty stuff........and a glue gun grin

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