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LaDorada Thu 10-Aug-17 00:39:11

I'm a fairly new into crochet but I'm completing my first big project as opposed to little granny squares/flowers/hearts etc. but I keep finding as I'm getting close to the last dozen or so rows I keep making mistakes and having to undo! Very frustrating. I guess I'm just excited about finishing it and being a bit careless and no way I'm messing up the last bit.

Are all you crafters very precise by nature or do you find yourself slipping sometimes? Do you ever let little errors slide (not sure you can ever do this with knitting or crochet though)?

I badly want to finish but need that extra push of patience!

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Thistledew Thu 10-Aug-17 00:46:46

Never make anything too perfect. It angers the gods, as only they can be perfect.

yaela123 Thu 10-Aug-17 10:18:17

I always let little errors slide in my knitting! Not so much in crochet, mainly because it's easier to undo but sometimes yes.

As long as it doesn't mean the whole project will unravel or it really stands out or anything, usually my projects are only for me, the kids or close friends and family who don't mind. If it's for someone I don't know as well want to impress or easy to fix then I will but that's not often.

What are you making?

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