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So...................I bought the sewing machine from Lidl..............

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trillium Tue 27-Mar-07 15:09:00

......and realised I actually know naff all about how to use one.

In the past I've used my faithful old treadle Singer which only had about three adjustable things on it (as far as I know anyway).....forwards, backwards, variable stitch size and a tension knob.

I used to get on fine with it and managed to produce curtains, cushions covers and even a dress once (talking very very basic here, and probably would not be up to anyone else's standards, but hey, each to his own, I was pretty chuffed with it).

Tried using my new super duper with knobs on Lervia, and I can't get the tension/stitch length or basically anything, right at all .

So......can anyone suggest a really really basic, start from the very beginning, book on how to use a Sewing Machine??

I'd be eternally grateful

trillium Tue 27-Mar-07 20:02:28



sorry not sure, but i've been looking for one, so just being nosy really, lidl you say?
how much was it please?

ProfYaffle Tue 27-Mar-07 20:16:03

Oh Gawd, don't say that - I bought one as well! Haven't got round to sitting down and figuring it out yet (am blaming dd2 as she is just 4 weeks old) I'm a complete beginner too, used to use my Nan's old Singer treadle when I was a kid but not touched one since then ... oh dear

Wallace Tue 27-Mar-07 20:21:02

Oooh how much was it?

trillium Tue 27-Mar-07 20:38:51

J20 it was £40 - a couple of weeks ago now though. May still be worth a try.

ProfYaffle, no, no, it's probably just me .

I spent ages looking at it and admiring it before setting it up and having a go.

I experimented with an old pillow case and was really impressed, but when I turned the pillow case over it's obvious the tension was all wrong. It looked okay from the top but the underside was all puckered and too much cotton.

I tried to adjust the tension then looked at the booklet but apparently you can also alter the tension on the bobbin and it all started going whooooooooosh over my head, and I don't understand quite what to do.

Also I'm not sure I had the thread threaded through the right bit of the top tension thingymajig (my mastery of the technical terms is impressive, no? )

I've probably got virtually every adjustable knob set on the wrong setting now, and think I need to understand a bit about the basics before I have another go.

Let me know how you get on.

Can anyone reccommend an idiots guide to sewing machines?


thank you

Muminfife Wed 28-Mar-07 11:50:43

Message withdrawn

BettySpaghetti Wed 28-Mar-07 11:54:04

I've just had a morning cursing my sewing machine (it was off the ark so has seen better days).

Wished it had played up around the time they had those ones in Lidl, then I could have bought a new one (and probably ended up cursing that one instead though )

Hope you get it sorted, I know what you're going through.

TrilbyOFerrall Wed 28-Mar-07 21:16:08

Muminfife, (trillium here under another name), thanks for replying but tbh most of what you said went over my head (seem to have a very low to the ground head at the moment )

What is an ex-lazy-sewer and stay-stitching?

Is this really the first sewing machine you've used?

If so,how did you know about bias binding?

What is bias binding?

I've been to the library today and picked up a couple of very dated books about sewing so I'll have to get the Lervia out tomorrow and study the books.

I'll let you know how I get on.

Oh....glad the Barbie apron and sundress were successful. Was it an apron for a Barbie doll or an apron with Barbie on it

MIFfyEasterBunny Wed 28-Mar-07 21:46:46

Message withdrawn

ProfYaffle Fri 30-Mar-07 07:13:55

This thread is sooo useful, thanks everyone. I didn't know you could actually make bias binding, I thought you just bought it I think I'll look out that book.

TrilbyOFerrall Fri 30-Mar-07 07:26:27

Well, wish me luck. I'm going head to head with the Lervia today. (Couldn't do it yesterday as I had dd off school sick)

I've made a note of the settings MuminFife used and am armed with my seventies sewing books.I will not be defeated.

ProfYaffle, at least you knew what bias binding was

I too will be looking for that book. I tried Ebay but no luck. Amazon have it but I've never used them before. Can I pay with Paypal on Amazon??

At the moment the score is one nil to the Lervia......I'm hoping to even the score.

Will report back

ProfYaffle Fri 30-Mar-07 07:37:09

I know what the selvedges are


although I haven't actually heard the word for about 15 years.

MIFfyEasterBunny Fri 30-Mar-07 12:14:20

Message withdrawn

BettySpaghetti Sun 01-Apr-07 13:03:26

Returning to this thread as I happened to pop into our Lidl Friday and they still had some of these machines, ladies are they worth it?? Shall I buy one?

I don't do much sewing but the machine I have, as I mentioned earlier is old and knackered and also only does forwards and backwards, no fancy stitches.

ucm Sun 01-Apr-07 13:07:25

I have 'Sewing for Dummies somewhere' you can have it if you want it. Cat me your addy, it has all the gunk about machines in IIRC

TrilbyOFerrall Sun 01-Apr-07 14:06:50

Thanks ucm, have catted you.

<ponders ....I cat, you cat, she cats, I catted............? >

Have never sent a cat before so let me know if I've followed proper cat protocol

MIFfyEasterBunny Sun 01-Apr-07 19:52:34

Message withdrawn

TrilbyOFerrall Sun 01-Apr-07 20:16:15

Ha........I've evened the score. Used the settings that MIF suggested and away I went (following a somewhat meandering path).

Managed (just) to sew two cockeyed patches on dh's overalls, and make two wonky edged cushion covers .

Haven't tried anything tricksy yet.

BettySpaghetti Sun 01-Apr-07 20:18:34

Thanks MIFfy! I'm getting very tempted.......any more reviews?

MIFfyEasterBunny Sun 01-Apr-07 22:41:03

Message withdrawn

ucm Sun 01-Apr-07 23:15:18

I made some clowns trousers recently using my next door neighbours machine, that was from lidl too. They looked fabby. (majorette team). But I love mine as it is so much simpler than hers.

Skribble Sun 01-Apr-07 23:29:08

I have a Lidls one too.

I used it for sewing on buttons and the clip thing on DS's schol trousers, worked a treat and really quick.

The instructions that come with it do explain about the tensioning, but for more detailed stuff try charity shops there are always loads of books on sewing.

DS has commisioned me to make his monkey a scout shirt and neckie as it has been adopted as the troup mascot and will be getting invested after the holidays .

I got it to do the darts I have to put in my trousers to make them fit around my big arse.

Skribble Sun 01-Apr-07 23:29:57

Charity shops are goof for patterns too, but they might be a bit retro .

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