Best type of sewing machine needle for sewing viscose?

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u32ng Tue 18-Jul-17 10:06:58

Preferably Janome needles as I have a janome machine. I'm a bit bamboozled as to what I need to see this lovely light viscose material.

Would the blue tip needle work or do I need a ballpoint? Or other??

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Anatidae Tue 18-Jul-17 10:07:49

Is it woven or knit?

Overlocker, regular machine or coverstitch?

GetMeOut Tue 18-Jul-17 10:41:43

If viscose jersey, yes, then a fine ball point ( the lower the number the finer the needle). If viscose woven them a regular, new, needle will be fine. 70 ( No.10 ) size if you have it. The key is to have a new needle I think. Viscose can be a bit slippery as well....

Anatidae Tue 18-Jul-17 10:55:36

elx needles if it's an overlocker or coverstitch- elx suk if it's those plus jersey. Thinner needle for finer fabric. Ballpoint if regular machine and jersey.

You might want to try a walking foot - makes a big difference to slippery fabrics.

u32ng Tue 18-Jul-17 22:53:11

Thanks for replies so far. I've got a regular machine (525s) and it's a woven viscose- that frayed like buggery when I washed it!

Now that you mention walking foot I think that would've been a good idea. Damn just placed an online order too and pretty sure they carry the foot that fits my machine...

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Anatidae Thu 20-Jul-17 22:36:37

Wash away stabiliser tape can help as well

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