More Natural alternative to Stylecraft DK?

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justkeeponsmiling Mon 12-Jun-17 12:08:00

I have a crochet pattern for an oversized slouchy jumper but the yarn recommendedis Stylecraft DK. I have used this a lot for blankets and cushions in the past and I like it a lot but I was hoping to use a more natural yarn. Can anybody recommend a yarn of similar specifications (Stylecraft DK is 100g/295 meters per ball).
I'm not even sure if I should go for wool, cotton or a blend. Any advice would be great! If it makes any difference, the hook size is an 8, to create quite an open, loose texture.

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justkeeponsmiling Mon 12-Jun-17 12:27:58

I forgot to say, it needs to be machine washable and preferably not bobble too much.

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Blondielongie Mon 12-Jun-17 21:38:49

Adriafil Regina? Its washable merino wool. under 4 pounds a ball. very soft. Can use for either aran or dk. I made some dk items and they came out perfect :D

justkeeponsmiling Mon 12-Jun-17 21:44:33

Thank you I'll have a look at it smile

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Polter Mon 12-Jun-17 21:51:14

Drops Merino DK is lovely and often on sale with Wool Warehouse. Drops Cotton Merino is nice too.

James C Brett's Cotton On is a cotton acrylic mix and very soft and light.

Stylecraft Life has some Wool content and is a bit nicer than Special.

Tutu1000 Tue 13-Jun-17 19:00:59

I've used the adrafil merino for a jumper. It knitted up very nicely and I have washed it a few times in the machine and it has come out perfectly so far. I've been very impressed with it. It doesn't have the range of colours that Stylecraft has though.

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