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Paw patrol knitting pattern

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Starlight21 Fri 12-May-17 18:21:24

My son really likes paw patrol and my mum is a fantastic knitter. Does anyone else know if a knitting pattern for a jumper?

Jinglebells99 Fri 12-May-17 23:52:47

I would try searching on It's a huge website where you can search for knitting and crochet patterns.

Starlight21 Sun 14-May-17 09:09:21

Thanks, I have looked on there but only patterns to make toys.

TheWoollybacksWife Sun 14-May-17 13:32:36

There are a few Paw Patrol images on Pinterest that are Hama or Perler bead patterns. These are basically charts with each square representing bead. I have used them in the past as cross stitch patterns with each square on the image being a stitch. I imagine it would be easy to use in a similar way as a knitting pattern - again each square being a stitch. Your mum could perhaps combine your favourite one with a plain sweater pattern.

Starlight21 Sun 14-May-17 14:01:35

Great idea. I am a stitcher so basically jumper then I could Swiss darn the image on as long as the jumper is big enough for the pattern? Just match wool up. Why didn't I think about it? Done cross stitch for him already

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