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SewMuchToLearn Fri 05-May-17 15:08:33

I have received a sewing machine from my lovely MIL but I don't know the first thing about sewing. I am trying to make a bean bag cover for DS and winging it. I would like to be able to make things like simple clothes, a quilt, mending the DC's clothes respectably etc in the future. I am looking for a book which will basically teach me how to sew. Decent pictures, good explanations, covers all the sewing basics. Can anyone recommend one?

(I know there are lots of websites around, so am open to suggestions of where to look, but I won't always have access to the computer whilst I'm sewing.)

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GeorgiePeachie Fri 05-May-17 15:10:00

Youtube is your friend. I made a skater dress with lining and a zip as the first thing I ever made all with a you tube video.

I see you won't have access to a computer but you can make detailed notes off of one.

patchworkchick Fri 05-May-17 18:31:09

sew4home is good for making things for your home. The Sewing Book by Alison Smith is great for looking at different techniques. Dressmaking, Tilly and the buttons, the makers atelier and very easy vogue patterns are all really good. For dressmaking try thefoldline.com to see if the pattern you'd like to try has a review.

SilverHawk Tue 16-May-17 20:15:54

I second the Sewing Book by Alison Smith. I'm no longer a novice but still keep referring to this book. My 'go to' book.
The other book that I refer to is the 'Singer sewing book' by Mary Brooks Picken. It was a hand down and is very dated/vintage but the basics are there! Maybe worth a look?
Between the two, they cover everything.
For easy patterns, try Kwik sew, Colette, Tilly and loads more....

BarchesterFlowers Tue 16-May-17 20:20:22

This is pretty comprehensive. I have got my mother's ancient version but DH bought me the newer one as a gift after I knocked a drink over wine on mum's.

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