I have messed up!

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oxcat1 Sun 16-Apr-17 23:19:45

I promised to make my SIL a maternity skirt. I found a simple A-line maternity skirt pattern online, and had some fabric left over that I thought would work.

Keen to make the inside tidy, I was cutting the seam allowance inside (where the wide jersey band meets the skirt) as closely as possible, following the line of the top-stitching. Unfortunately I got a bit snip-happy and cut two huge holes in the centre back, both within a cm or two of the waistband. I Tried to handstitch the holes but the design of the corduroy is hiding nothing. Any suggestions?

To be fair, this skirt has been doomed from the start. I failed to check the length, and the one thing SIL stipulated was below knee for work. This is well short! I was thinking of buying some chiffon/crepe in a light gold colour to add a wide (?10cm) ruffle to the bottom. Do you think that could work?

What a mess!

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SoupDragon Mon 17-Apr-17 22:56:08

Honestly? I suspect pretending it never happened and starting again is the best option! I'm not convinced you can lengthen it successfully. Unfortunately.

thegoatwhogotthequiche Tue 18-Apr-17 18:40:24

To solve the problem with the length you could add a peplum like this classy example! and do a sort of top stitched bias binding where the peplum joins the skirt...then you might be able to add some bias binding in such a way that it looks like you meant to do it all along but so that it hides the holes. If the fabric was not too thick you could make the bias binding from the skirt fabric and top stitch it.

All this depends on how much spare fabric you that though.

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