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Crochet inspiration please.

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MOIST Wed 15-Mar-17 13:46:54

I have 19 different pinks and purples (slightly over ordered).
I am no good at arranging them nicely. Should they be in groups of colour? Random? Dark to light?
Should I make a million solid squares and patchwork them? Stripes? A blanket or something else?

Ideas please.

Chinnygirl Wed 15-Mar-17 13:54:53

This site has mostly knitting patterns but a lot of crochet patterns as well (they really have a LOT of free patterns on there).

TheWoollybacksWife Wed 15-Mar-17 14:00:19

This Mystical Lanterns blanket is on my to-do list although I want to do mine in reds and golds.

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