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Anyone have a wee bit of cream and/or rust-coloured dk yarn they could let me have?

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Miaou Wed 28-Feb-07 11:18:22

I have made a little jacket and hat set for the baby (Debbie Bliss) and it has some really sweet little hens that go in the pockets (awww) - but have no cream or rust coloured wool to knit them with! Jacket etc is in cashmerino but I don't mind what the hens are as long as it's DK. I only need to knit a 3.5 inch square in each colour.

Can anyone help me out??

Pruni Wed 28-Feb-07 11:20:10

Message withdrawn

Miaou Wed 28-Feb-07 11:23:39

Oooh thanks pruni!

Tapestry yarn will be fine gauge-wise - if it is a full skein (or near full) it should be sufficient for a square.

Will email you

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