Pencil crayon recommendations

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StuntNun Sat 28-Jan-17 16:42:04

I have just taken up drawing and I'm wanting to start adding some colour. I'm drawing in pencil then outlining in ink. I bought some Derwent pencil crayons but I found them far too hard for my liking. They're digging up the surface of the paper (cartridge paper) and they don't blend well. Can anyone please recommend a softer pencil crayon that's suitable for beginners (i.e. not super expensive)?

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LTBforGin Sat 28-Jan-17 16:45:45

I layer up lots of colours and its a different style to yours but good old crayola for me. Nice colours, can layer up the colours well, don't need too much pressure...woes for me anyway

LadyDeadpool Sat 28-Jan-17 17:03:45

Marco Raffine, they're softer oil based leads like polychromos but at a quarter of the price and lovely to use and blend beautifully.

StuntNun Sat 28-Jan-17 19:29:38

Are there different types of Marco Raffine? The reviews suggest they are on the hard side.

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LadyDeadpool Sun 29-Jan-17 14:33:00

These are the ones I'm using and they're nice and soft as they're oil based rather than lead.

StuntNun Mon 30-Jan-17 07:20:50

Thank you, I have ordered a set of them.

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JoffreyBaratheon Wed 01-Feb-17 15:33:38

Derwent Coloursoft are very nice.

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