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Heavy duty sewing machine recommendations wanted

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moneyforcar Sat 21-Jan-17 22:25:53

I am looking to upgrade my ancient sewing machine for a brand new one. I already have an overlocker so that is not required.

My main criteria is that it will easily sew heavy fabrics such as curtains and across uneven thicknesses ie hems of denim jeans across many layers at the side seams. I am not currently used to having lots of fancy stitches but happy to have some to try. Automatic one step buttonholes are required.

I would consider buying two machines - one with some fancy stitching/buttonholes etc and one just for heavy/fast straight sewing if that was the best solution. The sewing machines will not need to be carried/packed away as they stay in sewing room so that does not need to be considered.

Total budget for one or two machines is £800 (maximum £1000) but happy to spend considerably less if possible.

Thanks for any suggestions.

BarchesterFlowers Sun 22-Jan-17 07:06:58

I have this.

It sews everything from silk to 8 layers of 16oz cotton canvas. It will go on forever. I also have my mum's Bernina 830 record, same machine, 42 years old. Still works perfectly, she gave it to me after I had bought mine.

I am sure people will be along to recommend others.

If you don't mind spending £800 on one, forever, machine I would buy the 1008.

moneyforcar Thu 26-Jan-17 13:56:53

Thank you for this. Anyone else have any comments on this or any other machines??

Notwhatiexpected Thu 26-Jan-17 14:04:59

Second the bernina recommendation, it is a heavy basic machine which is easy to service. Lasts forever. I use/abuse a Bernina Record.

BarchesterFlowers Fri 27-Jan-17 14:13:58

Money, the only machine I have that beats the 1008 on heavy stuff is a pfaff 30 but it isn't as capable of other things or as refined as the Bernina.

I am not sure it sounds like you want to go down the old machine route though.

I thought long and hard about my 1008 when I bought it a few years ago, thought about a used one (they were going for £500 ish used) and decided on a new one because I didn't want the risk of buying one from someone I didn't know. I haven't regretted it for a minute, I have got six vintage machines to choose from plus the 1008 and it wins hands down as my favourite. Buttonholes are lovely, of quite as lovely as my 221 which I tend to leave set up for buttonholes but sometimes I am too lazy to wind another bobbin and rethread.

Notwhatiexpected Fri 27-Jan-17 15:37:49

@barchesterflowers you have 6 vintage machines to choose from? You are living my dream. X

BarchesterFlowers Fri 27-Jan-17 19:55:44

not grin, I don't have enough time to do them justice these days.

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