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Edward's Menagerie

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ImBrian Mon 16-Jan-17 18:12:38

I got this book a few days ago and I've started making Emma the rabbit. So far she has a head,body and one ear. I love all the animals and the pattern (once I figured out round 3 on the standard body!!!) is really easy to follow even for a first timer.

Has anyone else made one of these? Can we have an Edward's Menagerie zoo thread?

JellyWitch Wed 18-Jan-17 18:44:28

I have this book on my wish list!

ImBrian Thu 19-Jan-17 10:36:41

I've just realised that one of the rabbits legs is shorter than the others and the embroidery thread I ordered is brown and not black like in the picture hmm. On the plus side I got some stitch holders free with my yarn order.

The book is really nice Jelly I want the bird one now though.

dontstopmenow Tue 07-Feb-17 21:46:59

I was just going to post about this! I have just made Bridget the elephant, I see a grey dk weight acrylic yarn that I had lying around. I wondered if anyone had any suggestions for yarn for these animals that is a cheaper option than the toft yarn - I just cannot afford that!! Thank you.

ImBrian Wed 08-Feb-17 21:24:24

I'm onto my 2nd elephant smile. So far I've been using cheap acrylic from b&m or style craft which are less than £2 a ball. I've just bought some drops alpaca wool though which is lovely and about £3 for 50g ball.

MiaowTheCat Thu 16-Feb-17 16:04:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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