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Making moses barker cover with old fleece blankets

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Sharkeybabe15 Tue 03-Jan-17 23:41:43

Hi all

Im expecting my 2nd daughter in a few wee ks and had the idea of.making some cover for her moses barker and pram carrycot out of some old.flece blankets of dd1s ive got a sewing machine thta was given to me after my mum passed away would i be able to do this or would it be too complicated!?! Any info or help would be much appreciatated

redshoeblueshoe Wed 04-Jan-17 10:46:50

Its simple Sharkey - use some old newspaper to make a template of what you want. Then just cut and sew.

Sharkeybabe15 Wed 04-Jan-17 13:48:49

Oh thats fantastic i did think it was probably easy but im going to blame it on baby brain lol. Thanks again xxx

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