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I need to make an Easter Bonnet, but.....

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Wolfgirl Tue 20-Feb-07 13:34:04

My DS is in nursery, and soon they want to parade them all around in Easter Bonnets. But Id like mine to have a meaning of easter to it - about Jesus, as well as bunny rabbits and eggs. My problem is that Im really not creative or clever with these things.

can anyone give me inspiration and help?

thanks. I will look for another forum more apt to this request too, but in the meantime....


Tortington Tue 20-Feb-07 16:40:02

erm... a jesus bonnet!

i am a practising catholic but i stayed with pagan bonnets. somehow a crucifix atop a kids head - or even jesus per -se would to me - a bit odd and depending on how it was done maybe even vulgar.

its a hard one to be sure.

ledodgy Tue 20-Feb-07 16:46:49

Stick a hot cross bun on the front.

Tortington Tue 20-Feb-07 16:50:31

a veritable bonnet of buns.

bun bonnet

estatebabe Wed 21-Feb-07 11:39:02

i won (oops! i mean my dd won) her easter bonnet parade a few years ago, so I know this one is a winner! I cut out daffodil petals from yellow funky foam and a brown trumpet shape. Stuck them on a kind of skull cap structure so you could only see the daff and them made a nest with eggs in it to go inside the truppet of the daff. Tied it with nice thick green ribbon (for the stalk of the flower). dd would have looked fantastic had she not skidding on her face in the park the day before the parade and had a black eye and gravel marks right down to her chin!

MrsBadger Wed 21-Feb-07 11:45:43

Am not entirely sure that your dd's nursery bonnet parade is the place for the real meaning of Easter - maybe make an Easter garden at home as well and keep the bonnet eggs and bunnies?

Or perhaps a bird's nest bonnet and talk about new life?
The easiest way to do it is a fez-shaped hat (cardboard) with a hollow in the top of the crown (I'd never condone use of a Kentucky Fried Chicken Family Bucket but is the right shape).
Cover in glue and roll in straw, hay or All-Bran to simulate bird's nest.
Glue plastic chicks, decorated blown or plastic eggs etc to top.
Can also do nest using turban-type arrangement of brown fabic round any old hat, but gluing All-Bran is more fun!

Wolfgirl Wed 21-Feb-07 14:42:05

I think you are all right, a Jesus hat doesnt quite work, does it! Shame though. Last year I got hold of a small-medium plastic plant pot (like bill and ben), stuck it to a paper plate, cover the pot with crepe paper. then cut out a load of egg carton egg holder thingies, and tried to glue them to the pot, and put chickens in each pot. Great idea, but the whole went to POT, the glue wouldnt dry and the crepe paper wouldnt glue! Its a great idea, and I may attempt it again this year, but start earlier so glue dries and then get some thing else to wrap around pot, not sure what thought.

anyone expand on this little idea.

All your ideas sound absolutely fab though. Mmmm.... might have bonnet-jack one or two. Im sooooooooooo not creative though, it hurts!

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