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Thinking of starting a knitting group - how hard is it to do?

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RubberDuck Tue 20-Feb-07 08:33:12

And is it sensible if you're only a beginner knitter yourself.

I'm thinking of it, because I'd love to go to one but the only one in the area is on a Saturday afternoon! I've read the advice on starting a group in the back of the Stitch n Bitch group, but is it more involved in the UK?

I'd probably start it in a local community centre which would mean all clubbing together for the hire of the room (I'd probably provide tea/coffee/biscuits) and I'm guessing we'd probably be subject to more 'elf n safety paperwork as a result?

Has anyone here tried to set one up? Did you actually get people to come? How hard was it? Am I insane for even contemplating it?

jeangenie Tue 20-Feb-07 09:09:10

sounds good. why not start it in a public space (pub, cafe...) first to see how many knitters you get, that way you don't have to fork out for a hall not knowing how big the take up will be...

good luck. I'd join in if you were near me but I am guessing you are probably not

RubberDuck Tue 20-Feb-07 09:33:05

Problem is pubs round here are smoky (not good with knitting in tow!) and I don't really know enough about the cafes - it'd be an evening which makes cafes more tricky (plus parking problems).

Community centre would be easy (I could walk there and there's a big car park) and you can hire a fairly small room. My first job would be to find out prices, I suppose!

RubberDuck Tue 20-Feb-07 13:16:00

Right - asked at the community centre. It's £4 an hour for the room I was thinking of hiring. So £8 an evening.

Would probably be a weekly hire (as I could see it getting awfully confusing organising it being fortnightly).

Was hoping to only have to ask for £1 from each member to cover room hire but that relies on 8 people turning up each week which seems unlikely, doesn't it?

But £2 seems a bit steep... £1.50 including tea/coffee do you think?

Probably wouldn't get it started until summer term. Summer seems a bit like the wrong time of year to start a knitting group though ... argh.

jeangenie Tue 20-Feb-07 13:53:28

do you have to block book the room in advance?

if not why not just try it for a week or two and see what happens...
agree that winter/right now feels more like knitting time (summer you'll have all sorts of reasons people won't come along) so maybe try to get the ball rolling sooner rather than are you going to advertise it? however you are doing it maybe ask people to call or email in advance to let you know they are interested, that way you'll have a better feel for numbers...

I'd have no problem with £1.50 or even £2 an evening if I wanted to go along...

SueW Tue 20-Feb-07 14:26:30

How old are your children? Could you start up with some mums from playgroup/school?

A friend of mine had a Stitch and Bitch Plus night - bring along knitting, sewing or a craft project you never have time to finish e.g putting photos into an album, sewing nametapes onto clothes.

She did it as a one-off butmost of the mums in the class turned up at her house! From this wyou could break into groups according to people's preferences.

Fillyjonk Fri 23-Feb-07 15:50:50

might have missed something but why not do it in a coffee shop? This is the traditional venue for knitting meets, I think.

You can spend your £1.50 on a decent coffee then

you're not in cardiff are you? oh ffs pleeeeeease be in cardiff, NOONE knits in cardiff

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