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100% cotton brands-in pink, of course. Anything out there more exciting than debbie bliss?

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Fillyjonk Sat 17-Feb-07 11:43:59

have to buy some over t'internet

just want something a bit more exciting.

debbie bliss i ALWAYS use, or rowan

I think it needs to be 100% cotton, doesn't it? so all seasons cotton is out


Tatties Sat 17-Feb-07 11:48:27

I am going to have a look when I am out today - what kind of pink are you after? I have only got a pale pink and also fancied looking for something a bit more exciting

Fillyjonk Sat 17-Feb-07 11:52:15

unbothered, but needs to be exciting

have found some stuff here

knitters review

I just want to know my options really, so if you could report back that would be great

Fillyjonk Sat 17-Feb-07 11:56:14

do you know what?

I think I shall order an assortment of these yarns and thusly try them out

I never get to do this

Tatties Sat 17-Feb-07 11:59:09

Gosh there's a lot on there

I doubt I will find anything as exciting as that down the market

Fillyjonk Sat 17-Feb-07 12:00:20

my best option is bloody hobbycraft

and they don't do pink cotton. the closest is "foxglove"

can't find any uk stockists of the exciting stuff though. grrr. so looks like debbie bliss AGAIN

aviatrix Sat 17-Feb-07 12:04:49

Message withdrawn

Miaou Sat 17-Feb-07 12:06:52

I wonder if anyone can find variegated pink? That would make a nice contrast ...

Miaou Sat 17-Feb-07 12:07:19

link doesn't work, aviatrix

aviatrix Sat 17-Feb-07 12:09:47

Message withdrawn

aviatrix Sat 17-Feb-07 12:11:00

Message withdrawn

Miaou Sat 17-Feb-07 12:11:24


Fillyjonk Sat 17-Feb-07 21:34:13

I want funky cool yarn pref from farflung parts hmm

<stamps foot>

oh I fecking give up, rowandebbieblissjaegar it is.

or I might dye my own. MIGHT.

(using dylon, unless I am feeling unusually brave. But possibly some batik in there)

aviatrix Sun 18-Feb-07 12:36:45

Message withdrawn

Fillyjonk Sun 18-Feb-07 12:58:15


i have been spoilt

when just learning to knit, my equivalent to john lewis closed down, and my god, I still have most of the resulting stash 2 years later

most of it rowanjaegardebbiebliss. but odd balls of odd colours.

god i have been spoilt though...

its why I do so much dying...I have a fair bit of stuff in what can only be described as absolutley horrendous colours.

aviatrix Sun 18-Feb-07 13:35:43

Message withdrawn

MrsBadger Sun 18-Feb-07 13:52:48

I use Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton 'cause it's what the wool shop near work stocks.

jolly nice to work with but not especially exciting I admit

Muminfife Mon 19-Feb-07 11:37:10

Message withdrawn

Muminfife Mon 19-Feb-07 14:15:38

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 19-Feb-07 14:26:27

Jaeger aqua cotton knits almost to dk (tiny bit thinner but only slightly) and has some more shades Having just ordered mine from Kangaroo, I do agree that there is a limited range. But what's a girl to do?
Anyway, I have a word for your consideration - chenille. Lovely contrasting texture, but does need to knit to approx dk, and be the cotton sort of course. Texere sell some - and do have some pinks in their usual Provence cotton range. But I have those in my stash, and honesty forces me to admit that the pinks are a bit faded and germoleney...

Tinker Mon 19-Feb-07 14:28:28

Have just bought mine in JLs (Patons - am now rather worried that this is a bit garish). That was the only colour where lots had been sold. Interesting

Marina Mon 19-Feb-07 14:32:43

Patons? Garish? Never. And Debbie Bliss do a Brighton-rock colour which I have snapped up. Go for it tink!

Fillyjonk Fri 23-Feb-07 16:01:42

ok have returned

i have something from ggh called Big Easy.

It says 5mm but am knitting it on my trusty ex bamboo skewers which are around 3.25mm and its fine, very soft.


Pruni Fri 23-Feb-07 16:12:51

Message withdrawn

Marina Fri 23-Feb-07 22:58:37

Pruni, I have a couple of spare balls (of wool, not the cojones sort). Do you want me to post them and if so, send me your addy
Chenille lovely too though

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