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Candle Recipe!!

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foximusprime1 Sat 12-Nov-16 14:11:31

Can someone give me a scented candle recipe please?
I can't seem to find much info online! Id like to make quite strong ones but I don't know how much oil to put in, also where does everyone buy their oil from .
thanks x

luckiestgirl Mon 21-Nov-16 16:26:33

This thread is the best thread in the whole world. I made beautiful candles using this recipe.

I think I sourced soy wax from Amazon, and oils from eBay.

luckiestgirl Mon 21-Nov-16 16:28:55

These are the notes I made from the thread I linked--

Put the glasses in a low oven for a bit so they are warm

Get the wick in place (half a glue dot and pegs to hold it in place)

Measure out the wax - 180g.
(Small tumbler = 200ml of water, so 160g of wax needed) (deduct 20%)

Melt the wax in a double pan

Keep the wax in the Pyrex bowl over the water but let cool for a bit so it doesn't evaporate the oils

Add oils, and stir
5% fragrance - 10ml fragrance to 200ml of wax. And then 30 (20?) essential oils drops
2.5% fragrance - 5ml fragrance to 200ml of wax (2 x 2.5ml of 2 flavours). And then 30 essential oils drops

Pour in the wax to the glass

Leave for 24 hours somewhere warm

Cut the wick to less than half a centimetre

(Fragrance oil- 10ml=£2. 30ml=£5
190g x 22 candles = at least 4 kilos)

luckiestgirl Mon 21-Nov-16 16:31:25

These are some of the oils I used

Fragrance oils-

Amber - an aphrodisiac



Sandalwood - reduces anxiety and tearfulness

Ylang Ylang - relieves anger and tensions and is an aphrodisiac


Baby powder
Clean sheets
Forrest walk
Rain shower
Sea breeze
Oriental musk

Eassential oils-

Cedar wood - grounding. Brings feelings of peace and connection with others.

bergamot- balancing. Anti depressant

Patchouli - reduce tension, uplifts the mind, aphrodisiac

Lavender- calming. Aides sleep

Geranium - relieves stress

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